Verticalis Slider

3.1.7 (Release Date: 12th Mar 2019)

  • Fix: Deprecated Functions PHP 7+ Warnings

3.1.6 (Release Date: 10’th Dec 2018)

  • Fix: PHP 7+ Warnings.

3.1.5 (Release Date: 21’st June 2017)

  • Fix: Expiry date issue for non English sites
  • Fix: Event slider dates for non English sites
  • Fix: Warning notice while adding new post
  • Fix: Language file

3.1.4 (Release Date: 16’th Nov 2016)

  • New: Global Setting Option to disable Edit Slider link.
  • Fix: Instagram slider was not working.
  • Fix: PHP7 warnings and notices.

3.1.3 (Release Date: 28’th Dec 2015)

  • New: Advance Taxonomy shortcode and template tag support.
  • Fix: Anchor link attribute (to add rel or target to links in slider) was not being added to the RSS feed slider.
  • Fix: Some foreign language date formats were causing problems with expiry date in Slider post metabox.

3.1.2 (Release Date: 8’th Sept 2015)

  • Fix: Integration with Facebook API 2.4
  • Fix: Manage slider page reorder
  • Fix: UTF-8 characters appeared as question marks for slider title

3.1.1 (Release Date: 21’st August 2015)

  • Fix: Notice for WP_Widget constructor call.

3.1 (Release Date: 13’th August 2015)

  • New : Slide Expiry Date can be added for each slide in Custom Slider thru Verticalis Slider Metabox on Edit Post/Page/Slide
  • New : All image sizes available will be displayed “Fetched Image size” setting option (no need of cropping)
  • Fix : WP Debug notices
  • Fix : Lightbox will open full size image regardless of its size (i.e thumbnail, medium)
  • Fix : Recurring events will be display only once in slider
  • Fix : Removed deactivated and unavailable plugin from create new panel
  • Fix : Added Publish date on easy builder thumbs
  • Fix : WPML compatibility for Slider Title setting option.

3.0 (Release Date: 11’th June 2015)

  • New – Added New skin “Meek”
  • New – WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce plugin integration
  • New – Event Manager and Event Calendar plugin integration
  • New – All SliderVilla Add-ons inbuilt with Slider. Add-ons are Taxonomy, Post Attachments, NextGen Gallery and RSS Feed Add-on
  • New – QuickTag button to generate and insert shortcode
  • New – Multilingual Support via qTranslate, mqTranslate and WPML
  • New – Flickr User and album Slider
  • New – Instagram user Slider
  • New – Facebook album slider
  • New – 500px user, user favorites, popular highest rated, upcoming, frest today, fresh yesterday, fresh week slider
  • New – Vimeo channel and album slider
  • New – YouTube playlist and search slider
  • New – Custom slider having facility to add slide from following sources posts, pages, media, custom post type, facebook album, flickr user, blank, YouTube, Vimeo
  • New – Create New Slider with 4 easy steps
  • New – Easy Builder to customize sliders
  • New – Manage Sliders Panel to edit and delete sliders
  • New – Better UI and Help
  • New – Edit slider link on front end
  • New – Common shortcode and template tag
  • New – Added CSS3 transsitions for image, title, contents for complete slider
  • New – Added per slide CSS3 transsitions for image, title, contents
  • New – Added built-in Google fonts
  • New – Added custom font
  • New – Added litebox effects Nivo box, photo box, smooth box, swipe box, prettyphoto
  • New – Added Layouts while Creating New Slider
  • New – Added Setting for Hide / Show Post Title
  • New – Added Setting for Change Heading tag for Post Title
  • New – Added Setting for Change Navigation Position
  • New – Option to do not link all the slides to any url
  • Fix – Change Responsiveness, Added Dots on responsive
  • Fix – Stops Video on Slide Change

2.0 (Release Date: 13’th Sep 2014)

  • New: Image uploader for Sliders on ‘Sliders’ settings panel. No need to add individual media image to verticalis slider.
  • New: Better responsiveness
  • New: Now all the Verticalis related JS will be loaded only when Verticalis slider is included on the page, thus optimizing your WordPress site. Template need to have wp_footer() included properly in footer.
  • New: Introduced Data processor function for RSS Feed and NextGen Gallery Add-on capability
  • New: Added Google Fonts
  • New: Add any shortcode like video shortcode or button shortcode to slide which will be overlaid on it.
  • New: New option to disable thumbnail image is been added in post meta box which is useful if you are showing videos on slide.
  • New: Form validations for admin side settings.
  • New: Verticalis Slider post meta box now has two tabs named basic and advanced with respective fields for the purpose of easy understanding and saving the space.
  • New: Quick embed shortcode and template tags are displayed at the right side of settings page.
  • New: Quick embed shortcode is displayed in popup for ease of copying shortcode.
  • New: On settings panel of Verticalis slider now it is possible to expand and collapse tabs which greatly reduces scrolling efforts.
  • New: Preview Slider params simplified on Settings panel.
  • New: Added a new field “Custom Post Type Slug” on Settings page in Miscellaneous Section. Useful if you are using SliderVilla Slides custom post type and want your own slug for SEO purposes.
  • New: Color picker changed from Farbtastic to “wp-color-picker”.
  • New: Added new setting field “select settings set to apply” at post meta box
  • Fix: Settings panel cleanup and restructuring.
  • Fix: Post meta box fields like link attributes were not updating, resolved this issue.
  • Fix: Solved the debug errors in previous version.
  • Fix: Solved the issues with responsiveness of admin panel settings page and sliders page.
  • Fix: All database tables and plugin folder being deleted properly on plugin delete.
  • Fix: alt attribute of image was not applied in previous version which is been solved in this version.

1.4.1 (Release Date: 28 Feb 2014)

  • New: Introducing Auto Updates, from the next update you can update the Verticalis Slider using automatic update feature of WordPress
  • New: Redesigned Admin/Settings Panel
  • New: Respective Shortcode and Template tag on “Preview Settings” Panel.
  • New: Import and Export Settings Option

1.4 (Release Date: 02/27/2013)

  • New: Support for Multiple Settings
  • New: Supports Responsive Design
  • New: Supports SliderVilla Add-ons
  • New: Recent Posts Slider – Template tag, Shortcode and Widget
  • New: Category Slider – Added Widget
  • New: Settings to specify target=”_blank” for Slide Links
  • New: Preview Options on Settings (Now you can preview Category Slider or Recent Posts Slider on Preview as well along with the Custom Slider with specific ID)
  • New: Disable Preview on Settings
  • New: Create New Settings Set
  • New: Reset/Copy Settings Set
  • New: Rename Settings Set
  • New: Delete Settings Set
  • New: Improved Verticalis Slider metabox on Edit Media images for WordPress version >= 3.5
  • New: Settings to remove ‘Verticalis Slider Metabox’ from Edit Post/Page/Custom Post Types/Media images
  • New: ‘SliderVilla Slides’ Custom Post Type for creating Verticalis Slider Slides (No need to add the Posts/Pages/Media images to Slider if you just want some exclusive slides)
  • New: Setting to specify Custom Fields that can be displayed Verticalis Slider content
  • Improved Settings UI
  • Fix: Slider will work with jQuery version 1.9
  • Fix: ‘Slide Link URL’ and ‘Do not link this slide to any page(url)’ settings were not getting properly saved on Edit Post/Page/Media images screens, fixed this bug


  • New – Auto-Sliding ON/OFF feature
  • New – Easing Effects to Select for different transitions
  • New – Category Shortcode to embed Verticalis Slider of “Latest Post from specific Category”


  • Now Multiple Verticalis Sliders can be embedded on a single WordPress Page
  • More structured admin panel
  • You can style the Left Navigation Buttons through admin panel itself (no need to go and edit CSS file)
  • The background for the active Navigational Pointer can be changed through Settings Panel for the Verticalis Slider
  • For some Verticalis installations, if the Slider was embedded using shortcode on a WordPress Page through Edit Page panel, the Slider CSS was not getting loaded. Due to which the Slides would not appear. This possible issue on some sites has been fixed.