Complete Customization of Navigation Area of Verticalis Slider WordPress Plugin

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Verticalis Slider is a simple yet beautiful slider with two sections. One is the left side navigation section and other is the content section. In navigation section, you can provide the short title related to the content in right side section. Verticalis Slider settings panel is having lot many options to customize the look and feel of the slider including the navigation panel. Here is how you can change the width, height, navigation arrow background and many more style parameters of the navigation area.

Change the Width of Navigation Area

Go to “Navigation Settings” tab and find “Navigation Width” box. Enter the width in pixel that you want for navigation area.

Change Height of each Navigation Box

On the same tab, find “Navigation Height” and change that value as per your need.

Maximum Number of Words in each Navigation Box

It is recommended to have smaller navigation panel but we have not restricted that. You can change the maximum number of words in navigation panels. To do that, find “Slide Navigation Title Size (in words)” on the same tab on setting panel and enter the value as per your need. For example, if you enter 3 in that box, the navigation panel will have number of words as 3 or less than that (depending on the title text input for added posts).

Change Padding for Navigation Boxes

By default, the value of “Navigation Button Padding” is 10px which is enough to provide spacing between the text content and the navigation box itself. You can change that value for more or less spacing as per your requirement.

Change the CSS for navigation area

Once you activate the plugin, the default CSS of navigation section will appear in that box. You can find the box on the same settings tab. Learn more about the navigation section CSS customization.

Change Background Image of Navigation Arrow

You can change the background image of navigation arrow from the same “Navigation Settings” tab on Verticalis Slider Settings panel. Find “Active Navigation Background Image” on that tab and enter the URL of the image that you want as background image for navigation arrow.

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