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Testimonial Slider is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that will help you adding a slider of different testimonials received from customers, readers and valuable users. Testimonials work great in converting visitors into valuable customers. People want to know the experience of other existing users before making any decision, and that’s where the embedded testimonial plays its role. This slider plugin will help you easily embed the testimonials in sliding form without putting much effort.

It creates a custom post type named ‘Testimonials’ on your dashboard and from there you can add individual testimonials. The option is available to add that testimonial as slide or add the testimonial to ‘Testimonial Category’ and show all the testimonials added to that category in the Slider format. You can enter following fields related to a testimonial,

  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Image (upload or enter URL)
  • Customer’s Company Name
  • Customer’s Website URL
  • Link to read more about the testimonial

Metabox of Testimonial Slider The slider can be easily inserted anywhere on the site either using a template tag in the respective template file or using Testimonial Slider shortcode or using a simple widget. Also you can create multiple testimonial sliders with different settings and content.

The slider can be very easily customized using the easy admin panel options.

5 Different Transitions

  1. Scroll Horizontally
  2. Fade
  3. Cross Fade
  4. Cover
  5. Uncover Slide

Type of Content that can be shown in the Slider

  1. You can add the Testimonial created to the Custom Slider with Slider ID (Default is “Testimonials Slider” on “Sliders” admin panel). you can create multiple sliders and embed them on the site
  2. You can display the Testimonials from any Testimonial Category in Chronologically reverse order i.e. latest one the first.
  3. You can display the Recent Testimonials added

Ways to embed the Slider on the WordPress Site

  1. Template Tags
  2. Shortcode
  3. Simple Widgets

Features of Testimonial Slider

  • Displays testimonials from customers or clients in a slider form
  • Supports Responsive Design
  • Easy To Install WordPress Plugin, with usage guide provided.
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Separate Custom Post type as Testimonial
  • Easy to insert Shortcode available.
  • Simple widget support is available.
  • The Slider can also be inserted anywhere in the template file using simple template tag.
  • Category specific testimonials in Chronologically reverse order on Testimonial Slider
  • No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS, also with some knowledge of CSS you can easily create your own slider stylesheet suitable to your theme.
  • Slider Preview in admin panel
  • Upload or paste URL of Avatar Image
  • Remove testimonials from Testimonial Slider selectively or remove all the testimonials from the slider at one go from the settings page itself
  • You can reorder the testimonials, or choose to display the slides randomly
  • Option to retain specific html tags in the slider testimonials
  • Slides can be linked to detailed testimonial page if there.
  • Multiple sliders can be created, so that you can embed different slider on different pages of your WordPress site.
  • Support through WordPress Support Forums

Note: Testimonial Slider is compatible with almost all the browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE7+), Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

  1. Uzip the testimonial-slider.zip folder.
  2. Upload  testimonial-slider folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate Testimonial Slider.
Embed Options for Testimonial Slider
[testimonialrecent]To have a slider with recently published blog posts automatically appearing inside the slider, you just need to paste the shortcode inside the page or post content area where you want the slider to embed
[testimonialslider]Manually add any post to the slider using Testimonial Slider meta box available on edit post/page window. To embed a slider with those added posts/pages, use this shortcode.
[testimonialcategory catg_slug="social-media"]Embed a slider with posts from specified category taxonomy under Testimonials Custom Post Type. For example, this shortcode will embed Testimonial Slider with posts from testimonials category with permalink as ‘social-media’
[testimonialslider id="2"]Get Slider ID from Sliders sub-page on dashboard, and this shortcode will embed a custom slider with Slider ID 2
Template Tags

Like shortcodes, Testimonial Slider is also having similar template tags to embed the slider inside theme template files like page.php, index.php, home.php etc. Template Tags are PHP code which executes to call certain functions and show the slider at desired location. Get the template tags for Testimonial Slider on our Knowledge Base page.


Drag and Drop widgets are also available in Testimonial Slider. It means, you can place the Testimonial Sliders (recent posts, custom slider, category slider etc.) in widget ready areas eg. Sidebar by dropping the widget in Widgets window on dashboard. Multiple widgets should be visible on the Widgets page after activating the slider plugin. To read more about the ready widgets for Testimonial Slider, please read the Widget Knowledge Base of Testimonial Slider.

Settings and Admin Page of Testimonial Slider

A Dedicated Settings page should appear on the dashboard after activating the plugin. Testimonial Slider is having two sub-pages – Settings and Sliders.

Sliders page is to manage the added slides to the slider.

Q. How to create multiple custom sliders of Testimonial slider ?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider =>Sliders Settings page => Basic Settings tab=> Miscellaneous section. You will see checkbox of Multiple Slider Feature, check it & save changes.

Now go back to WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider =>Sliders page. Click on Create New Slider . Assign name to new slider in Enter New Slider name text area. Then Click on Create New. You will see a new slider created.

You can create multiple sliders with different post/pages/media images and embed them on different pages of your WordPress site. Just remember, on one page, you can embed only one Slider at a time. But different pages can have different Sliders.

Sliders are for content & Settings are for skin & control :

Ans. Sliders are used to display your content while settings are used to control the appearance of your content in the slider. You will simply add your content (e.g. posts,images,videos) to a slider and setting will decide things like slider width, slide border, slide transition speed, etc.

Q. How to change the number of slides in Testimonial?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider => Settings page ==> Basic Settings tab => Basic Controls section. You will see option Number of Posts in the Slideshow textfield. Enter the number of slides you want to show there.

Q. How to customize the Slide animation length?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider => Settings page ==> Basic Settings tab => Basic Controls section. You will see option Slide animation length. Enter the duration of animation as per your requirement & Save Changes.

Q. How to customize the slider width & height?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider => Settings page ==> Basic Settings tab => Basic Controls section. You will see options slider width & slider height. Enter the width & height values in pixels as per your requirement. Save Changes.

Q. How to create scrolling navigation in Testimonial?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider => Settings page ==> Basic Settings tab => Basic Controls section. You will see option Navigation Buttons. You will find the checkbox of Show Prev/Next navigation arrows. Check it to show navigation arrows & Save Changes.

Q. How to Show go to slide number links?

Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Testimonial Slider => Settings page ==> Basic Settings tab => Basic Controls section. You will see option Navigation Buttons. You will find the radio buttons for Show go to slide number links or images. Select ‘none’ to hide slide number links & images. Select ‘Numbers’ to show the slide number links. Save Changes.

For more FAQs, go to the Knowledge Base Page



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