RSS Feed Add-on


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Do you need a slider with latest posts from any popular site on Internet? RSS Feed Add-on does exactly the same by fetching the latest posts or images or videos from other websites through the RSS or Atom feed. You just need to install a compatible slider from SliderVilla and activate this RSS Feed Add-on. Here is a demo showing Glam Slider with RSS Feed Add-on,

Demo – Glam Slider with RSS Feed Add-on

Once you enter the feed URL in shortcode or template tag, the slider with recent feed posts start appearing on your site. No need to copy or upload the images, just enter the feed URL and get the slider of the feed content.

  1. Enter RSS/Atom feed URL of any website and the slider will auto fetch the content from that site
  2. Get slider with content from any popular sites or any of your other site. No coding required
  3. Add slider of any user’s Instagram or Flikr’s latest uploads

For example, here is how the Pinwheel Slider with latest posts from Mashable looks like,

Pinwheel Slider of Mashable Feed

Add a shortcode as below to get a slider of Mashable Posts,

[svrssfeed feedurl="" slider="pinwheel"]

Another Pinwheel Slider with the recent Instagram images from the user @futurechris,

Pinwheel Slider with Instagram Feed

Here is the shortcode that can be used to get a slider like the one above,

[svrssfeed feedurl="" slider="pinwheel"]

  1. Uzip the folder.
  2. Upload the slidervilla-rss-feed-addon folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate SliderVilla – RSS Feed addon.

Template tag

if ( function_exists( 'get_slidervilla_slider_rssfeed' ) ) {
    $args=array('slider'=>'pinwheel', 'feedurl'=>'','set'=>'1' );



This is name of the parent Slider plugin which should be installed on your site. For example, its value can be pinwheel or other compatible slider name


The Settings Set ID ( You can keep this field as blank if you are using the default settings set. If you are using Settings set ID 3, then the value of this field would be 3 )


The RSS or Atom feed URL of the site to make slides for the slider. For example, to have a slider with latest posts from, the feedurl is


In case the feed for particular post is not having any image, the slider will show the default_image as the image for that slide


You can use the Shortcode as

[svrssfeed feedurl="" slider="pinwheel" set="3"]

You can change the value of the ‘slider’ parameter to ‘pointelle’ , if you are using this add-on for Pointelle Slider.

1.2 (Release Date: 14-07-2014)

  • New: Now compatible with SmugMug feed as well.

1.1 (Release date – 02/03/2014)

New –  Introducing Auto Updates, from the next update you can update the Post Attachments / Gallery Add-on using automatic update feature of WordPress New – New Settings Panel for SV Add-Ons =&gt; Post Attachments, where you can enter the License Key and view a short guide.

1.0.1 (Release date – 30/09/2013)

New – Pass Title from Shortcode Fix – WP_DEBUG warnings resolved


Very first version of the plugin, no changelog yet.

This add-on is compatible with all SliderVilla Slider WordPress Plugins.

Q. Why Atom feeds are not appearing in the slider?

A. By default the shortcode takes feed format as RSS feed. In case you want to have a slider with Atom Feed (for example generates atom feed format for feed URL), add a parameter as feed=”atom” in the shortcode to get the slider with Atom feed.