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Post Attachments Add-on - SliderVilla
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Post Attachments Add-on

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This add-on will help you automatically pull the Post/Page/Custom Post type attachments and show it in the SliderVilla Slider. You can upload images to a WordPress Post or Page or Custom Post Type and display a slideshow of these attachments using the add-on compatible SliderVilla Sliders.

  1. No need to add the images manually to the SliderVilla Slider. Just upload the images to a post or Custom Post Type or a Page and you are done (the post status can be ‘Pending Review’ as well i.e. no need to publish that Post. you just need the Post ID!)
  2. Automatically pulls the images attached to a Post/Page/Custom Post type on which the slider is embedded
  3. You can ask the slider to pull the attached images of the Post/custom Post type/Page whose ID is specified in the template tag or Shortcode i.e. you can embed the slider on the Blog index page showing the gallery of Post ID ’98’ or ‘234’
  4. You can use all the ‘Settings’ / ‘Options’ of the Slider for which you are using this add-on i.e. the add-on will work as a perfectly  integrated module to the parent slider
  5. Works on all compatible SliderVilla sliders simultaneously i.e. once you get this add-on, you can use it with all of the SliderVilla slider plugins, no need to buy this for each slider plugin separately.

  1. Uzip the folder.
  2. Upload the slidervilla-post-attachments-addon folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate SliderVilla – Gallery / Post Attachments addon.

Template tag

if ( function_exists( 'get_slidervilla_slider_post_attachments' ) ) {
    $args=array('slider'=>'thumbel', 'set'=>'', 'offset'=>0, 'id'=>'' );


You can also use the template tag as

if ( function_exists( 'get_slidervilla_slider_post_attachments' ) ) {



This is name of the parent Slider plugin which should be installed on your site. For example, its value can be thumbel or pointelle


The Settings Set ID ( You can keep this field as blank if you are using the default settings set. If you are using Settings set ID 3, then the value of this field would be 3 )


The ID of the Post / Page /Custom Post Type whose image attachments you would want to show in the Slider. You can keep this field blank in case you are embedding this template tag on Post Template file (single.php) or Page template (page.php ). It will automatically pull the ID of the current post or Custom Post Type as well.


You can use the Shortcode as

[svattachments slider='thumbel' set='2' id='965']

You can change the value of the ‘slider’ parameter to ‘pointelle’ , if you are using this add-on for Pointelle Slider.

1.1.1 (Release date – 04/26/2014)

  1. Fix: Post Attachment Add-on Template tag not displaying slider.

1.1 (Release date – 02/03/2014)

  1. New –  Introducing Auto Updates, from the next update you can update the Post Attachments / Gallery Add-on using automatic update feature of WordPress
  2. New – New Settings Panel for SV Add-Ons =&gt; Post Attachments, where you can enter the License Key and view a short guide.


Very first version of the plugin, no changelog yet.

This add-on is compatible with all SliderVilla Slider Plugins.

The FAQs will be uploaded once we get some queries.