Demo 5 – Video Slides in Pointelle

Pointelle Slider

Apart from normal text and images, you can showcase videos through Pointelle Slider WordPress plugin as well. Here is a simple video content Pointelle Slider showing teasers of some random Hollywood movies.


Jack And Jill

Posted by Tejaswini on Mar 2, 20121

Mission Impossible 4

Posted by Tejaswini on Mar 2, 20122

The Ides Of March

Posted by Tejaswini on Mar 2, 20123

The Girl With The Dragon

Posted by Tejaswini on Mar 2, 20124

Note – You can mix images and videos in the slider as well.

Tutorial – How to add Videos in Pointelle Slider

Step 1Create Video Slides

1) Go to Pointelle Slider Settings => ‘Basic Settings’ tab => Miscellaneous => Create “SliderVilla Slides” Custom Post Type => Select ‘Yes’ => Save Settings

Now below ‘Comments’ Admin Menu, you will see a new Custom Post Type named ‘SliderVilla Slides’ . Click the below image for the Screenshot.

2) Now you can add new SliderVilla Slides. Each slide created will represent a Video slide in Pointelle Slider. Follow the below point (3) to add the embed code to each Slide created

3) Add the IFRAME embed code of the YouTube video as a custom field named pointelle_media  (Refer to know more about how to add custom field in WordPress post). In the embed code, you need to add some extra lines as well for proper operation. Here is an example of IFRAME embed code where you can find the extra code in bold and red. That means, you need to add these extra lines in the embed code that you get from YouTube.

<iframe class="pointelle_slider_thumbnail" width="600" height="400" src="" wmode="Opaque"  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Step 2 – You can remove the post title and excerpt on single click from “Pointelle Settings ==> Slider Content ==> Thumbnail Image ==> Make pure Image Slider”. Check this option to remove the text appearing on the Large panel of the slider.

Step 3 – Adjust the height of the Slider elements according to the height of the video (i.e. 400 in our case)

1)  Basic Settings tab => Slider Height => Enter 400

2) Left slides Panel tab => Slide Image => Image Size => Height => Enter 400

3) Right Navigation buttons => Navigation button => Navigation Section Height => Enter 399 (1 less than 400)

Save the Settings.

These are the settings I have changed to get the Pointelle Slider running with Videos in the above demo.

How to Buy?

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