How to make Slider continue sliding though user clicks the navigation?

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By default, the slider stops autosliding when the user clicks the navigation arrow. The logic behind this is that when the user clicks the navigation, he interferes the slider auto movement and wants to look into the particular slide or slides by herself. But if you want the autosliding continue after user clicks on navigation, from Pointelle version 1.5, we are introducing a configuration constant that you can define in your wp-config.php or your active theme’s functions.php (Theme Functions) template file.


1) You can edit theme functions file (functions.php) either thru FTP => wp-content => themes => your active theme => functions.php ( edit it using plain text editor as notepad or code editor as NotePad++ ). Or you can edit the functions.php file thru Appearance => Editor => Theme Functions (functions.php)

2) At the end of the file before the closing PHP tag i.e ?> (if exists), enter the below code (that defines the Pointelle config constant):


Save the file.

Let us know in case you find any issue while implementing this feature. You can post in the support forum or write us thru the Contact form.

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