How to add a Custom Field in Pointelle Navigation

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If you want to add a small description or a custom field in Pointelle Slider Meta under the ‘Navigation Title’, follow the below steps

Step 1

Go to your active theme’s functions.php template file (Either use WordPress Admin Dashboard => Appearance => Editor or if you download and edit the File using FTP, use plain text editor like Notepad or code editor line NotePad++). Paste the below PHP code at the end of the file (before the closing ?> PHP tag, if this closing tag exists)

if (!function_exists(pointelle_get_custom_field_meta)) {
function pointelle_get_custom_field_meta($post_obj,$args){
$defaults = array(
'field' => '',
$args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );
extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP );
$value=get_post_meta($post_id, $field, true);
return $value;

Step 2

Go to Pointelle Slider Settings => ‘Right Navigation Buttons’ tab => (Scroll down) Post Meta in Navigation => Meta Field 1 => Enter the values as follows:-

  • Function Name => pointelle_get_custom_field_meta
  • Function Parameters => field=desc
  • Before Text/HTML => Description:
where, desc in field=desc is the name of the Custom Field that you have to display under navigation title.
Save the Settings.
The screenshot below shows how I have added the values:-
 Step 3

Now you can add the custom field with Name as desc and value as your value for the small description for that slide/post added to the Pointelle Slider.

You can watch this small video on how to add Custom Field to WordPress Posts here.

Note: Pointelle Slider 1.5+ will have the above function inbuilt (i.e. you will not have to paste the extra code in your functions.php )

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