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How to create vertically scrolling logo slider with Placid Slider WordPress Plugin

Vertical Scroll settings on PlacidTo create a slider live the one shown above, you just need to follow the below steps on Placid Slider plugin.

  • On the Placid Settings page, select ‘Slider Orientation’ as “Vertical”. The option is available under ‘Basic Settings’ tab.
  • Set the value as per your requirement for the field ‘Complete Slider Height’. Option is available just below the above option on settings page.

Now you can do other customization as per your requirement. For example, change the width and height of each slide and also change the ‘Navigation Settings’, Content fetching options etc. For above example, we have used shortcode as [ placidslider set=’4′ id=’2′ ] as the Vertical Scroll example is set in the settings ID 4 in our site. It may be different in your case as it depends in whihc settings set you set the option as Vertical. For default settings, no need to mention the ‘set’ parameter.

What else can be added and achieved in Vertical Scroll

Apart from the above example, you can also add and achieve the following things in Placid Vertical Scroll

  • Add navigation arrows
  • Remove text from the images and make pure image slider
  • Auto fetch images from media library
  • Create slider of posts from specific category
  • Include or exclude specific category and use Taxonomy Add-on and Post Attachments Add-on
  • Show/Hide excerpt or post content on the slider

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Variable Width Logos in Placid Slider

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To have variable sized logos scrolling in Placid Slider, please follow the below steps:- 1.  Go to Placid Slider Settings => Basic Settings Tab => Slide (Item) Width => Delete the value in it (it should contain nothing i.e. should be blank). 2. Under Placid Slider Settings => Basic Settings Tab => Estimated maximum width of the Slide Item => Enter the average of the widths of the logo images (this can be an approximate value) [ Explanation: Actually the field is average width of the images (mathematical average). Let me explain, in case you have variable width images in Placid say 5 images with width 100, 120, 300, 400 and 250. then their average width will be (100 + 120 + 300 + 400 + 250 ) / 5 i.e. 234. So you can enter a round figure as 250 or 230.  If you use fixed width images then it is no issues. But in case you use variable width images this average field helps the Slider to decide the width of complete slider. ] 3. Go to Placid Slider Settings =>Thumbnail Image Tab => Image Size => Width => Delete the value in it (it should contain nothing i.e. should be blank). 4. Under Placid Slider Settings =>Thumbnail Image Tab => Disable Image Cropping (using timthumb) => Select Yes 5.  Under Placid Slider Settings =>Thumbnail Image Tab => Make pure Image Slider => Put a tick in the checkbox Save the Settings. Now you will be able to see variable sized logos in Placid with constant height of the slider...

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