Placid Slider

Responsive Logo Slider for WordPress with Scrolling Images


Placid Slider WordPress plugin is the most recommended scrolling image slider for WordPress CMS. Features such as Grayscale effect, continuous scrolling action, responsive design and ease of operation makes Placid the best Logo Slider.

Demo 2

Logo Slider without Gray-scale Effect

A smooth scrolling brand images or logo slider is possible with Placid

Demo 3

Vertically Scrolling Image Slider

Continous scrolling images in vertical direction using Placid Slider WordPress plugin

Demo 4

Logo Slider with Lightbox Effect

Highlight logos or brand images using elegant lightbox effect

Demo 5

Multiple Placid Slider on Single Page

Have multiple sliders e.g. scrolling image slider, brand slider, video slider etc. on single page (no conflict)

Placid Slider WordPress plugin is the most recommended scrolling image slider for WordPress CMS. It’s design and operation is best suitable for Logo slider or brand images slider mostly found in the footer area of some popular websites.

Features such as Grayscale effect, continuous scrolling action, responsive design and ease of operation makes Placid the best Logo Slider.

18+ Different Types of Scrolling Image Sliders

Create logo or continuous scrolling sliders with text content or videos from different sources. Placid is well integrated with many social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, 500px etc. to easily create a slider using the cloud hosted images on these platforms (API access required).

Apart from that, WordPress core sliders such as Category Slider, Recent posts slider, taxonomy slider are easily possible with Placid. E-commerce websites can show products slider using this popular scrolling image slider from SliderVilla.

So here is a list of different sliders which one can create using Placid,

  • Core WordPress Content Slider
    • Recent Posts Slider
    • Category Slider
    • Featured or Selected Posts Slider
    • Custom Post Type Slider
    • Custom Taxonomy Slider
    • Tag Slider
  • Core WordPress Image Slider
    • Post Attachment Slider
    • NextGEN Gallery Slider
    • Pure Image Slider from all possible sources
    • Selected Images from Media Library Slider
    • Brand Images as Logo Slider
  • Product Slider
    • Featured Product Slider
    • Up Sale and Cross Sale Product Slider
    • Discounted Product Slider
    • Product Category Slider
  • Social Media Slider
    • Facebook Album Slider
    • Flickr Uploads Slider
    • 500PX Images Slider
    • Instagram Search and User Content Slider
    • Twitter Uploads Slider
  • Video Slider
    • YouTube Playlist Slider
    • YouTube Search Slider
    • Vimeo Playlist Slider
    • Vimeo Search Slider
    • Self Hosted Video Slider

Highlighted Features of Placid Slider

  • Continuous scrolling image, video and content slider
  • Enable/Disable auto sliding
  • 100% Responsive design, works on all screen sizes
  • Navigation arrow option for next/previous navigation
  • Category slider, recent posts slider, tag slider, custom post type slider, pure image slider, post attachments slider and many more ready shortcodes
  • Create e-commerce product slider as Placid is compatible with WooCommerce and WP E-commerce plugins
  • Slider live preview on dashboard, Test before final implementation
  • Export/Import sliders and settings
  • Drag and Drop method to reorder added slides
  • Slides can be linked to permalink or any other desired URL. Also you can choose to not link some slides to any URL.
  • Search Engine Friendly. Follow all SEO standards and coding standards
  • 24×7 Lifetime support via ticket system, premium forums, Twitter, Facebook and Email

The Slider will pause when the visitor will hover on it, otherwise it will keep on Sliding if Auto Sliding is enabled.

Type of Content that can be shown in the Slider

  1. You can add posts/pages or media images to the slider and embed this custom slider anywhere on your site. You can create multiple sliders with different post/pages/media images and embed them on different pages of your WordPress site. Just remember, on one page, you can embed only one Slider at a time. But different pages can have different Sliders.
  2. The Slider supports Custom Post types, which means you can easily add the Custom Post Types, say your eCommerce Products to the Slider
  3. You can display the Posts from any Category in Chronologically reverse order i.e. latest one first.
  4. You can display the Recent Posts of your WordPress blog in the Slider

Ways to embed the Slider on the WordPress Site

  1. Template Tags (3)
  2. Shortcodes (3)
  3. Widgets (3)

Please refer the Usage Guide for more details.


  1. Uzip the folder.
  2. Upload  placid-slider folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate Placid Slider.

How to Create and Embed Placid Slider

With Placid Slider, one can create various types of sliders but the most popular one is the Logo Slider. Placid comes with a predefined option to create continuous scrolling images with only image option to look like a brand or logo slider. Here is how to create and embed such a slider in less than a minute.

1. Once Placid Slider WordPress plugin is active, go to the Manage Slider page and click on Create New Slider button.
2. Select type of slider as ‘Media Slider’ and skin as Logo.
3. Upload logos or brand images using Add Slides button and Save changes
4. Paste Template Tag or Shortcode to put slider on front-end. Or use ready Widgets

[placidrecent]To have a slider with recently published blog posts automatically appearing inside the slider, you just need to paste the shortcode inside the page or post content area where you want the slider to embed
[placidslider]Manually add any post to the slider using Placid Slider meta box available on edit post/page window. To embed a slider with those added posts/pages, use this shortcode.
[placidcategory catg_slug="social-media"]Embed a slider with posts from specified category. For example, this shortcode will embed Placid Slider with posts from category with permalink as ‘social-media’
[placidslider set="3" id="2"]Get Slider ID from Sliders sub-page on dashboard, and setting ID from Settings sub-page. This shortcode will embed a custom slider with setting set 3 and will show slides of Slider ID 2


Q. Is Placid a Responsive Slider?

Yes, Placid Slider is a responsive WordPress slider. You can enable the responsive design by choosing the option on Settings page ==> Responsiveness page.

Q. Is it possible to control the speed of the slider in Placid Slider?

Yes, you can change the speed of the slider from Placid’s settings page. There is an option available for this purpose.

Q. I do not want the texts including Post Title, Content etc. overlaying on the slider. Is it possible to create image only slider with Placid?

We have provided a single click option on settings page to make Placid – an image only slider. Go to the settings page and check the box “Make pure image slider”, save the changes.

Q. My site is using WordPress Multisite (WPMU) network. Is Placid work on MU sites?

Yes, Placid Slider works perfectly fine on WPMU sites. You need to activate the Placid Slider plugin individually on each site to let it work properly.

Q. Is Placid Slider available for other CMS like Joomla?

No, Placid Slider is currently available only for WordPress. We are planning to release the same for other CMS as well but currently we do not have any set deadline for the same.

We understand the need of after sale support in a premium WordPress plugin. That’s why, we have designed a special SliderVilla Support Ninja Program consisting of some WordPress experts, core developer of SliderVilla Sliders (Tejaswini) and community members. We provide support for our product by different means including Exclusive Support Forum and Emails. Please find the details as below,
  • Support Forum and Email ETA – 12 hours
  • Instant Support for urgent requests
  • Free basic slider setup using remote access
  • Dedicated support team available 24X7
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