Upgrade Instructions if you are upgrading From Listic 1.0 to any higher version

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If you are upgrading from Listic 1.0 to any higher version, please follow the below instructions for the smooth upgrade. There are many new features in the latest version, so we would request you to upgrade ASAP, so that we can provide better support to a plugin with the best features.

!! Important !! Before you Upgrade

  1. Keep the old slider open in one browser window, so that if there are some minute changes in the font or height of the slider, you can easily look into your old slider and correct the new settings.
  2. If possible, keep the old settings page open as well.

How to Upgrade

  1. If you have already purchased Listic, you can download the upgrade using the download link in the receipt. No need to purchase the Slider again
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard => Plugins => Deactivate the  Listic Slider plugin
  3. After you download the zip file, unzip it to get the listic-slider folder.
  4. Replace the listic-slider folder in your /wp-content/plugins directory with this new folder.
  5. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  6. Activate Listic Slider plugin and you are done.

!! Important !! After you Upgrade

There are four things you would need to look into:
  1. First of all, go to Listic Slider => Settings => Press the ‘Save Changes’ button (any of those) on the settings page
  2. On the Settings => Basic Settings tab =>┬áSliding Area Height => Enter the height of Sliding area (complete Slider Height – navigation area height – Slider Title height).
  3. Check the ‘Slider Title’ font, ‘Post title’ font and the ‘Slide Content’ font family on the Settings => Slider Content tab. All the fonts should have been changed to Arial after upgrade. You will have to change them to the one you had before.
  4. Check the new ‘Navigation Settings’ tab. There are many new settings you would like to look into.
Let us know in case you have any queries about the upgrade or in case you get any issues while upgrading. You can use the SliderVilla support forums (you should have received the login credentials when you purchased Listic Slider) or you can contact us using the contact form.
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