Flashcard Slider for HTML

Add Flashcards on Static HTML Sites


Flashcard Slider for HTML allows to create and add Flashcards in carousel on static HTML sites. You get access to online generator to generate the slider with custom Flashcards and embed using the special embed code.

Flashcard Slider WordPress Plugin

Easy Implementation – HTML site owners can embed Flashcard Slider in very easy steps. The generator allows to add, edit and delete the slides.

Here is a video explaining how to use the online generator,

You can select how many Flashcards will be visible at a time and also how many will scroll when the user clicks the next button or the slider automatically slides forward.

Each Flashcard has two sides.

  1. Front Side: It will have Flashcard Title, Flashcard Content (Front side content) and the Flashcard Control i.e.  clickable section with Go to Back Side Text.
  2. Back Side: It will have Flashcard Control i.e. clickable section with Go to Front Side Text,  Flashcard Content (Back side content)  and Flashcard Title.
You will have to insert the ‘More’ tag on Flashcard edit panel between the front side content and backside content. You can find more information on how to create Front and Back side of a Flashcard here.

If you manually add Flashcards to custom slider, you can add ‘N’ number of them to the Flashcard Slider (there is no limitation while displaying as the format of the slider is ‘Scrolling’ infinitely).

Introduction Video:

About Transitions

  1. The Slider slides horizontally in a carousel format
  2. Easing Effects supported
  3. Each Flashcard can be flipped individually to see the backside.
  4. Five different Flipping transitions to choose from i.e. Horizontal Curtain effect, Vertical Curtain Effect, Fade Effect, Turn Down and Turn Up effects.

Type of Content that can be shown in the Slider

  1. You can add Flashcards to the slider and embed this custom slider anywhere on your site. You can create multiple sliders with different flashcards and embed them on different pages of your WordPress site.
  2. You can display the Flashcards from any Flashcard Category in Chronologically reverse order i.e. latest one first. Also, random Category flashcards can be displayed if you select ‘Randomize’ option
  3. You can display the Recently created Flashcards in the Slider. These entries can also randomized.

Ways to embed the Slider on the WordPress Site

  1. Template Tags (3)
  2. Shortcodes (3)
  3. Easy Widgets (3)

Please refer the Usage Guide for more details.

Overall Features of Flashcard Slider

  • Separate Custom Post Type named ‘Flashcards’ and separate ‘Flashcard Categories’ can be created.
  • The front side and backside content can be separated using the WordPress ‘More’ tag
  • Custom Sliders, Category Slider (show Flashcards from specific Flashcard Category), and Recent Flashcards Slider – Thus, supports three Template Tags, Three Shortcodes and Three Widgets
  • Fully Customizable CSS, also you can enter ‘Custom Styles’ right thru settings panel
  • Slider Preview in admin panel, you can select which slider to preview thru the settings.
  • Permission setting option to restrict the users from adding Flashcards to Flashcard Slider
  • Remove Flashcards from Flashcard Slider selectively or remove all the Flashcards from the slider at one go from the Sliders settings page itself
  • You can reorder the slides, or choose to display the slides randomly
  • Support through Premium Support Forums

Note: Flashcard Slider is compatible with almost all the browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE7+), Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

Please refer the Usage Guide for more details.


Once you purchase Flashcard Slider for HTML, you get access for online generator. Along with same, you also get a demo copy where you can edit the files directly.

Using these two methods, you can generate and embed the slider on your site.


Q. Is Flashcard a Responsive Slider?

Yes, Flashcard Slider is a responsive WordPress slider. You can enable the responsive design by choosing the option on Settings page ==> Responsiveness page.

Q. Is it possible to control the speed of the slider in Flashcard Slider?

Yes, you can change the speed of the slider from Flashcard’s settings page. There is an option available for this purpose.

Q. I do not want the texts including Post Title, Content etc. overlaying on the slider. Is it possible to create image only slider with Pointelle?

We have provided a single click option on settings page to make Pointelle – an image only slider. Go to the settings page and check the box “Make pure image slider”, save the changes.

Q. My site is using WordPress Multisite (WPMU) network. Is Pointelle work on MU sites?

Yes, Pointelle Slider works perfectly fine on WPMU sites. You need to activate the Pointelle Slider plugin individually on each site to let it work properly.

Q. Is Pointelle Slider available for other CMS like Joomla?

No, Pointelle Slider is currently available only for WordPress. We are planning to release the same for other CMS as well but currently we do not have any set deadline for the same.

We understand the need of after sale support in a premium WordPress plugin. That’s why, we have designed a special SliderVilla Support Ninja Program consisting of some WordPress experts, core developer of SliderVilla Sliders (Tejaswini) and community members. We provide support for our product by different means including Exclusive Support Forum and Emails. Please find the details as below,
  • Support Forum and Email ETA – 12 hours
  • Instant Support for urgent requests
  • Free basic slider setup using remote access
  • Dedicated support team available 24X7
Support ForumSend an Email
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