Features of SliderVilla WordPress Sliders

Everything that you need inside a slider is there in SliderVilla Sliders. Take a look at these amazing features.

100% Responsive Design

All Sliders come loaded with responsive design and works great on all kind of devices including iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop.

WordPress Core Integration

Deep integration with WordPress CMS as the sliders are specially designed to auto fetch posts, category data and other taxonomy data.

Create Products Slider

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Integration provided to auto fetch data from these plugins and create a slider

Events as a Slider

Events Calendar and Events Manager WordPress Plugin integration is available and one can create events sliders with all SliderVilla Sliders.

Real WordPress Content Slider

From the start of the design process of SliderVilla Sliders, it is kep in mind that every slider is build for WordPress. That’s why you will find deep integration with the CMS where one can auto fetched latest articles, category specific articles, tag specific articles, custom post type based articles, image slider with media library images and so on. So if you are looking to create a slider with articles from spefic category, just paste the shortcode and it’s done. No coding skill required, no manual insertion of slides.

And yes, one can manually create a slider too by adding individual posts, images etc.

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Drag and Drop Reorder

Easy Builder panel of SliderVilla Sliders allows you to easily change the order of already added slides by dragging the slides using mouse. With the help of modern JavaScript, the process seems very smooth and fast.

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WooCommerce Product Slider

If you are running a WooCommerce based eCommerce site, you can add products inside the slider too. Either you can create a complete product slider or a mixture of product, posts, media slider with any of the SliderVilla Slider designs. Slider plugins are also having option to create recent product slider, upsell product slider, cross-sell product slider, Grouped Product Slider etc. by auto fetching the data.

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Events Slider using API

If you manage events using Events Calendar or Events Manager WordPress plugin, showcase the events inside a slider using any of the SliderVills Slider WordPress plugin. All sliders come with deep integration with these plugins and one can very easily showcase the events such as Future Events, Past Events, Current Events inside the slider by auto fetching the data using API. You can also create a custom slider by adding events as per your choice.

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More than 20,000 Customers trust SliderVilla. Browse 19+ Awesome WordPress Sliders and Choose What You Need to Get All

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Social Media Content Slider

Loaded with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 500px, Flickr API Integration, one can easily create slider with content from these sources. Whther you ant a Facebook Album slider from a particular page or Instagram Pics from your account or Favorite Photographer’s gallery from 500px or Custom Gallery from Flickr appearing in SLiderVilla Slider designs, you can do that easily by selecting these options on the Create New Slider panel of the sliders. Without writing any piece of code, you can get content from these sources appearing inside your slider. So what are you waiting for? Start showcasing your social media content on website in a beautiful slider format.

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Lightbox or External URL

Apart from pointing to one of your own articles, you can set external URL for the slides too. This way you can utilise any slide as a banner ad or for promoting content from your other websites. For media files, you can enable the lightbox effect to showcase the images or vidoes in an elegant, clutter-free lightbox format.

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More than 20,000 Customers trust SliderVilla. Browse 19+ Awesome WordPress Sliders and Choose What You Need to Get All

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