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Demo 2

Only Image and No Text Slider

Demo 3

Just Blocks, No Sliding Effect

Demo 4

Slider with RSS Feed From 500px.com

Demo 5

Video Slides with Player and Lightbox

Highlight selected posts, pages or media images in an elegant and effective way using Featured Slider WordPress plugin. It shows multiple blocks at a time with different sizes and looks amazing. With the help of template tag, shortcode and widget, you can have Featured Slider running on your site’s current theme in no time. It also auto fetches latest posts, category specific posts by just pasting any of these embed options.


19 Different Type of Sliders

Easily create 19 different type of Featured Slider with different data sources. Options are Recent Posts Slider, Category Slider, Custom or Featured Content Slider, YouTube and/or Vimeo Slider, Facebook Album Slider, WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce Slider and much more.


WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce Slider

If you are using WooCommerce or WP Ecommerce plugins as shopping cart system, you can have products appearing inside the slider.


Create Event Slider

Event Calendar and Event Manager plugins are compatible with Featured Slider. Which means if you are using any of these plugin to showcase events on your site, now you can show the events inside Featured Slider.


YouTube and Vimeo Slider

Easily create YouTube video slider based on playlist or search. Enter Playlist ID or search term to create Featured Slider with the same. It also allows to create Vimeo video slider for a particular video channel. Apart from these custom video slider with YouTube and Vimeo videos can also be easily created.


Facebook Album Slider

Create Featured Slider with the photos and album on a public Facebook page. For example, by providing the page URL of Coca Cola FB page, you can create Featured Slider with the recently uploaded images over there. It requires to enter Facebook API key.


Flickr, 500px Slider

If you hosted images on Flickr or 500px, you can easily embed a Featured Slider with auto fetching capabilities from these sources. Create Flickr or 500px sliders with Featured Slider WordPress plugin without much effort.


600+ Google Fonts Ready

On settings page, Featured is having list of 600+ Google Web Fonts to quickly implement on different texts such as title, content etc. No need to paste the font CSS in header area or add any code.


20+ Transition Effects

Apply different transition effects to the elements such as image, text inside the slider. Effects such as bounce, flash, shake, fade, zoom, wooble, rollin and much more to choose and apply using the setting panel.


More than 50 Setting Options

There is no need to know PHP, HTML or CSS to make changes and customize the slider. It comes with more than 50 setting options to easily customize the slider as per need. Set font size, color, slider width, height, image transition, lightbox effect and much more using the setting panel.


WPML and mqTranslate Ready

For multilingual sites, Featured is the perfect choice. It is compatible with WPML Translate plugin as well as qTranslate and mqTranslate plugins.


SEO Ready

We know the important of Search Engine Optimization and that’s why Featured is developed with SEO in mind. Headline tags like H2, H3 are placed properly and all the images will have alt tag. Even the slider will help you featured or special contents get crawled frequently on search engines.


NextGen Gallery Slider

If you are using NextGen gallery WordPress plugin, you can easily create Featured Slider with those galleries. Enter the NextGen gallery ID and Featured will create a slider with the same.


4 Different Lightbox Effect

Featured comes with four different type of Lightbox effects to choose from. Options are


Auto Update for Lifetime

Once you purchase Featured Slider, you are eligible for lifetime updates. Featured updates will be available as auto update when you entered the purchased license key. If the license key is entered, you will receive auto update notification and can update from dashboard.


Shortcode and Template Tag

To embed Featured Slider inside a page content or anywhere on your theme, you can use Featured shortcode and template tags. Some smart template tags are also there for quick insertion of recent posts slider, category slider.



To put Featured Slider in widget ready areas, you can use Featured Widget. Insert any type of Featured Slider using drag and drop widgets for quick insertion.


Smart QuickTag

Featured Slider comes with smart QuickTag button to insert Featured inside page or post content area.


W3C Validated Code

The generated embed code our of Featured Slider Generator is W3C validated which means it follows all the standards and search engines like Google or Bing are going to love your site. W3C validation helps in better user experience on cross browser as well as in search engine crawling.


Smart Image Cropping

Image should appear good even if the slider aspect ratio is different than the original image. Featured uses smart image cropping technique to crop the image such a way that it will look good inside the slider.


Awesome Support

Real people giving real support for SliderVilla products. We are a team of 7 experts and we remain available on SliderVilla.com 24×7. Our ETA for support replies via forum or email is 6 hours which means we are committed to reply within that time frame and sometimes you may get an instant reply.

Front-End Features

Blazing Fast Load Time

Featured Slider loads in less than 2 seconds and starts auto sliding as well. Even if you are having 50+ images inside the slider, it loads really fast.

Best Responsive Design

Looks good on Smartphones as well. With responsive design, it adjusts to width of iPhone, iPad and others

Multiple Blocks Design

Featured content appears in separate blocks which gives your existing site design an amazing touch.

9 Navigation Arrow Designs

Choose navigation arrow as per your choice as we have provided 9 different designs. You can also create your own arrows and apply the same in no time.

Gallery + Content Slider

Upload Images to Media Gallery or bulk upload from Sliders page and have gallery in no time. Or add featured posts, auto fetch latest posts, category specific posts in Featured Slider

Perfect for SEO

All images appears with alt tag and title information. Followed good SEO practises in the slider.

Other Important Front-End features:

  • Touch and swipe support for iOS and Android
  • HTML and Images retains formatting in slider
  • SEO optimized as all slides indexed by Google or other search engines
  • Optimized images for slider
  • Everything is responsive including title text and content

Dashboard Features – Featured Slider Settings

Powerful Settings Panel

Slider setting options are divided in tabs and sections to make it easy to use

Live Preview on Settings page

Preview the slider before implementation. Preview slider with all possible shortcode or template tag on settings page.

Show/Hide Content Text

There is an option to make pure image slider or show text like title, content, caption etc.

Custom Style Box

To change the CSS for slider, no need to edit the .css file. Apply changes from ‘Custom Styles’ box on admin area

Drag and Drop Reorder

On ‘Sliders’ page, one can easily reorder added slides with drag and drop feature

No Branding

There is no branding of SliderVilla on the admin area of Featured Slider.

Other Important Front-End features:

  • Set and change width, height, effect, background color, text color, element location and much more
  • Apply Google Fonts on title, content
  • Default image to load if no image found for slide
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Self hosted videos as slides
  • Option to show or hide information
  • Export/Import Settings Set to same domain or other domains (test to live environment)
  • Reset setting values to default or to another setting set
  • Auto update from WordPress dashboard

Easy Implementation


It is very easy to embed the slider inside post/page content. For example, [featuredrecent] will embed a Featured Slider with recently published posts (auto fetched).

Template Tags

Inside PHP files like theme files, easily insert the template tag to get the slider at your desired location on the installed theme. Read more about the template tags on Knowledge Base page.


Drag and drop Featured Slider widgets like Custom Slider, Category Slider and Recent Post Slider and choose the settings set to apply to that widget.

Guaranteed Support

Premium Support Forum

After purchase, you get access to our premium support forum. We are always available on that forum and you can expect a reply within couple of hours (sometimes in minutes).

24×7 Email

We also provide support through email. Just fill up this contact form to send us an email and our support team will reply within in next few hours.


We have started providing support through Twitter and Facebook as well. Follow us on our Twitter handle and FB page and you can support over there as well.

Knowledge Base of Featured Slider – We keep all the documentations and tutorials related to Featured Slider on its dedicated page on SliderVilla Knowledge Base. It contains FAQ, Installation guides, Embed options, Screenshots, Videos etc. related to the slider over there. Go to the Knowledge Base


Hassle Free Purchase – PayPal Security

We use PayPal as the payment gateway for SliderVilla. It is widely used and the most popular and secured way of online purchases. Our server automatically sends an email with download link, receipt and membership access details just after the transaction completes on PayPal.

  1. Uzip the featured-slider.zip folder.
  2. Upload  featured-slider folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate Featured Slider.
Embed Options for Featured Slider
[featuredrecent]To have a slider with recently published blog posts automatically appearing inside the slider, you just need to paste the shortcode inside the page or post content area where you want the slider to embed
[featuredslider]Manually add any post to the slider using Featured Slider meta box available on edit post/page window. To embed a slider with those added posts/pages, use this shortcode.
[featuredcategory catg_slug="social-media"]Embed a slider with posts from specified category. For example, this shortcode will embed Featured Slider with posts from category with permalink as ‘social-media’
[featuredslider set="3" id="2"]Get Slider ID from Sliders sub-page on dashboard, and setting ID from Settings sub-page. This shortcode will embed a custom slider with setting set 3 and will show slides of Slider ID 2
Template Tags

Like shortcodes, Featured Slider is also having similar template tags to embed the slider inside theme template files like page.php, index.php, home.php etc. Template Tags are PHP code which executes to call certain functions and show the slider at desired location. Get the template tags for Featured Slider on our Knowledge Base page.


Drag and Drop widgets are also available in Featured Slider. It means, you can place the Featured Sliders (recent posts, custom slider, category slider etc.) in widget ready areas eg. Sidebar by dropping the widget in Widgets window on dashboard. Multiple widgets should be visible on the Widgets page after activating the slider plugin. To read more about the ready widgets for Featured Slider, please read the Widget Knowledge Base of Akkord Slider.

Settings and Admin Page of Featured Slider

A Dedicated Settings page should appear on the dashboard after activating the plugin. Featured Slider is having two sub-pages – Settings and Sliders. Settings page is to create multiple settings and customize the width, height, image pick preference and so many other elements of the slider. Almost 99% slider customization can be done from settings page only. It is also having a “Custom Styles” box where you can enter a custom CSS to override/change the final CSS of slider plugin.

Sliders page is to manage the added slides to the slider. You can create unlimited sliders and add unlimited slides to each of them. Using the parameter in shortcode or template tag, you can easily embed any slider by mentioning the slider ID.

Q. How to create multiple custom sliders of Featured slider?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider =>Sliders page. Click on Create New Slider . Assign name to new slider in Enter New Slider name text area. Then Click on Create New. You will see a new slider created.
Q. How to create multiple settings for Featured slider?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page . You will see a tab Create New Settings Set on extreme right of the window. Click on that. A window will appear asking Create new Settings Set??. Click on OK. Now Assign name to new settings set in Settings Set Name text area. Customize the setting according to your requirements & finally Save Changes.
Q. Explain that Sliders are for content & Settings are for skin & control.
Ans. Sliders are used to display your content while settings are used to control the appearance of your content in the slider. You will simply add your content (e.g. posts,images,videos) to a slider and setting will decide things like slider width, slide border, slide transition speed, etc.
Q. How to set background image in Featured Slider?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Background section. You will see option image. Write the link of the image in the specifeid text field. e.g. http://example.com/bg1.jpg & Save Changes. Use the optimized images to set as background in the slider.
Q. How to set background video in Featured Slider?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Background section. You will see option video URL. If you want to set a youtube video as a background in the slider, then write URL of the youtube video in the specified text field.

e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-LwHbld4 & Save Changes.

If you want to set a mp4/webm/ogg format video as a background in the slider, then write the URL of the video in the specified text field.

e.g. http:///example.com/nature.mp4 & Save Changes.

Q. How to change or include meta fields?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Meta Fields Below Post Title section. You will see option Show Meta Below Title. Customize its value as yes. Now, you can add maximum three meta fields in options Meta Field 1, Meta Field 2, Meta Field 3. For more details, visit the page : http://guides.slidervilla.com/featured-slider/settings-customizations/available-post-meta-functions-parameters-featured-slider-use/
Q. How to use different images for different slides?
Ans. Open the Edit panel of your Page/Post & go to its Featured Slider meta box. You will see option ‘Backgound Image’.Write the link of the image in the specifeid text field. e.g. http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/featured-slider/images/bg1.jpg & Update. Use the optimized images to set as background in the slides.
Q. How to add Call to Action button in Featured?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Action Button section. You will see option Action Button Text. Write ‘Call’ in the specified text field. & Save Changes. Also On the Edit panel of your Page/Post & go to its Featured Slider meta box. You will see option Action Button Text .Write ‘Call’ in the specified text field & Update.
Q. How to change the color of Call to Action button?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Action Button section. You will see option Font color. Choose the Font color & Save Changes.
Q. How to remove Call to Action button from Featured?
Ans. On WordPress dashboard, Go to Featured Slider => Settings page => Slides tab => Action Button section. You will see option Action Button Text. Keep its text field vacant & Save Changes. Also On the Edit panel of your Page/Post & go to its Featured Slider meta box. You will see option Action Button Text .Keep its text field vacant & Update.
More FAQs are available on the Knowledge Base of Featured Slider
We understand the need of after sale support in a premium WordPress plugin. That’s why, we have designed a special SliderVilla Support Ninja Program consisting of some WordPress experts, core developer of SliderVilla Sliders (Tejaswini) and community members. We provide support for our product by different means including Exclusive Support Forum and Emails. Please find the details as below,
  • Support Forum and Email ETA – 12 hours
  • Instant Support for urgent requests
  • Free basic slider setup using remote access
  • Dedicated support team available 24X7
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We offer a 100% Money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase of Featured Slider.

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