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Dbox Lite is the free version of Dbox Slider WordPress Plugin by SliderVilla. It is having awesome features including full control on the customization of 3D transitions from dedicated settings panel.

Front End Features

  • Multiple 3D Transitions – Horizontal, Vertical or Random
  • Meta Information including Author Name, Published Date
  • Show/Hide Meta Information
  • Auto Play/Pause Button
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Touch Swipe Support for Touch Screen Devices
  • Responsive Design. Works great on iPhone, Android and other Smartphones
  • SEO Ready and Search Engine Friendly

Back-end Features

  • Control 3D Transitions – Horizontal, Vertical and Random
  • Define Number of Cubes for Split Design
  • Define gap between the Cubes
  • Use Google Fonts for Text
  • Choose to load different formats of Images from media library
  • Customize the background of slider Title, Content and Meta Information
  • Enter Custom CSS on Settings Panel, No need to edit theme’s style.css
  • Taxonomy Add-on Compatible
  • Post Attachments Add-on Compatible

You can add recent posts Dbox Slider, Category Specific Dbox Slider, Custom or Featured Posts Slider, Custom Post Types Slider, Only Image Slider and much more. Here are the options available to embed the Dbox Lite Slider,

  • Easy Shortcodes
  • Multiple Widgets
  • Template Tags

Upgrade to PRO and Get Following Features

FeaturesDbox Slider LiteDbox Slider (Premium)
Create Unlimited Setting Sets
Create Unlimited Sliders
Link Slides to External URLs, Banners
Unlocked Meta Field Boxes, Edit as per your Choice
Editable Meta Field Boxes
More Meta Fields
Export/Import Settings
NextGen Gallery Add-on Compatible
RSS Feed Add-on Compatible
  1. Uzip the dboxlite-slider.zip folder.
  2. Upload  dboxlite-slider folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section.
  4. Activate Dbox Lite Slider.
Embed Options for Dbox Slider Lite
[dboxrecent]To have a slider with recently published blog posts automatically appearing inside the slider, you just need to paste the shortcode inside the page or post content area where you want the slider to embed
[dboxslider]Manually add any post to the slider using Dbox Slider Lite meta box available on edit post/page window. To embed a slider with those added posts/pages, use this shortcode.
[dboxcategory catg_slug="social-media"]Embed a slider with posts from specified category. For example, this shortcode will embed Dbox Slider with posts from category with permalink as ‘social-media’
[dboxslider set="3" id="2"]Get Slider ID from Sliders sub-page on dashboard, and setting ID from Settings sub-page. This shortcode will embed a custom slider with setting set 3 and will show slides of Slider ID 2
Template Tags

Like shortcodes, Dbox Lite is also having similar template tags to embed the slider inside theme template files like page.php, index.php, home.php etc. Template Tags are PHP code which executes to call certain functions and show the slider at desired location. Get the template tags for Dbox Slider on our Knowledge Base page.


Drag and Drop widgets are also available in Dbox Slider Lite. It means, you can place the Dbox Lite Sliders (recent posts, custom slider, category slider etc.) in widget ready areas eg. Sidebar by dropping the widget in Widgets window on dashboard. Multiple widgets should be visible on the Widgets page after activating the slider plugin. To read more about the ready widgets for Dbox Slider Lite, please read the Widget Knowledge Base of Dbox Slider Lite.

Settings and Admin Page of Dbox Slider Lite

A Dedicated Settings page should appear on the dashboard after activating the plugin. Dbox Slider Lite is having two sub-pages – Settings and Sliders.

Sliders page is to manage the added slides to the slider.

How to change the number of visible slides in Dbox Slider
On WordPress dashboard, Go to D-Box Slider => Settings page => Basic tab => Basic settings section. You will see option Max. Number of Posts in the Dbox Slider. Enter the number of posts you want to display in the slider & Save changes.
How to change the direction of Rotation in Dbox
On WordPress dashboard, Go to D-Box Slider => Settings page => Basic tab => Basic settings section. You will see option Direction of Rotation. You can either select horizontal rotation, vertical rotation or combination of both. Save Changes.
How to control speed of the slider
On WordPress dashboard, Go to D-Box Slider => Settings page => Basic tab => Basic settings section. You will see option Speed. It will decide the speed with which each slide will appear in the slider.

Also You can customize the options Time between Two Slides & Time between Two Cubes Rotation as per your requirements.

How to customize width and height of the slider
On WordPress dashboard, Go to D-Box Slider => Settings page => Basic tab => Basic settings section. You will see options Max. Slider Width & Slider Height.Customize these options as per your requirements & Save Changes.
Upgrade to PRO - Do I need to change the Dbox Lite shortcodes after upgrade
No. Dbox Lite uses the same shortcode as Dbox PRO and that’s why no need to change the shortcode after upgrade. All sliders created out of Dbox Lite will work on Dbox Premium.
Upgrade to PRO - Should I keep Lite and PRO both plugins active on site
No. Once you activate Dbox PRO plugin, it automatically deactivate the Lite version. You can remove the Lite version of Dbox and keep only PRO to have the Dbox Sliders.
Upgrade to PRO - What will happen to the setting values set for Dbox Lite
Even after upgrade to PRO, all settings changes will be retained and will remain there. The same setting set will get more options as well as you will be able to create new settings set as well.

For more FAQs, go to the Knowledge Base Page



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