3.1.7 (Release Date: 12th Mar 2019)

  • Fix: Deprecated Functions PHP 7+ Warnings

3.1.6 (Release Date: 10’th Dec 2018)

  • Fix: PHP 7+ Warnings.

3.1.5 (Release Date: 21’st June 2017)

  • Fix: Expiry date issue for non English sites
  • Fix: Event slider dates for non English sites
  • Fix: Warning notice while adding new post
  • Fix: Language file

3.1.4 (Release Date: 16’th Nov 2016)

  • New: Global Setting Option to disable Edit Slider link.
  • Fix: Instagram slider was not working.
  • Fix: PHP7 warnings and notices.

3.1.3 (Release Date: 28’th Dec 2015)

  • New: Advance Taxonomy shortcode and template tag support.
  • Fix: Anchor link attribute (to add rel or target to links in slider) was not being added to the RSS feed slider.
  • Fix: Some foreign language date formats were causing problems with expiry date in Cosmo Slider post metabox.
  • Fix: Facebook slider – added word limit option for title
  • Fix: Notice for Event Calendar appearing on slider easy builder panel.
  • Fix: Open link in new tab option for Action button
  • Fix: If all meta fields are blank, easy builder served improperly due to errors
  • Fix: Change slider type : Any slider type to Image slider – wrong slider name was appearing on easy builder panel
  • Fix: Change slider type => RSS => Popup box => Select boxes were not there, for Source and Feed options.
  • Fix: In case of fullscreen mode, the slide background image streched on iOS devices and some tablets and mobiles.

3.1.2 (Release Date: 8’th Sept 2015)

  • Fix: Integration with Facebook API 2.4
  • Fix: Manage slider page reorder
  • Fix: UTF-8 characters appeared as question marks for slider title

3.1.1 (Release Date: 21’st August 2015)

  • Fix: Notice for WP_Widget constructor call.

3.1 (Release Date: 31’st July 2015)

  • New : Fullscreen mode option, if ON the slider remains full screen on all the devices
  • New : Slide Expiry Date can be added for each slide in Custom Slider thru Placid Slider Metabox on Edit Post/Page/Slide
  • New : Option to force display slider on pages when a generic shortcode or template tag is used. You can embed different sliders on different pages without touching the shortcode or template tag.
  • New : Added Touch enabled swipe gestures
  • New : Option to show/hide on Mobile devices
  • Fix : Recurring events will be display only once in slider (for Event Manager)
  • Fix : Added Publish date for Slides on Easy Builder
  • Fix: Large font sizes on mobile devices

3.0.1 (Release Date: 05/12/2015)

  • Fix : Multiple self hosted videos in slider do not auto play
  • Fix : External Images could not be added in Custom Slider
  • Fix : Google Font Weight and Font Style not applied when they are blank
  • New : Added Play/Pause Button for Youtube Videos
  • New : Added Disable (Slider) on Mobile option
  • New : Added option to show Navigation Dots

3.0 (Release Date: 04/10/2015)

  • New : WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce plugin integration
  • New : Event Manager and Event Calendar plugin integration
  • New : All SliderVilla Add-ons inbuilt with Slider. Add-ons are Taxonomy, Post Attachments, NextGen Gallery and RSS Feed Add-on
  • New : QuickTag button to generate and insert shortcode
  • New : Multilingual Support via qTranslate, mqTranslate and WPML
  • New : Flickr User and album Slider
  • New : Instagram user Slider
  • New : Facebook album slider
  • New : 500px user, user favorites, popular highest rated, upcoming, frest today, fresh yesterday, fresh week slider
  • New : YouTube playlist and search slider
  • New : Custom slider having facility to add slide from following sources posts, pages, media, custom post type, facebook album, flickr user, blank, YouTube
  • New : Create New Slider with 4 easy steps
  • New : Easy Builder to customize sliders
  • New : Manage Sliders Panel to edit and delete sliders
  • New : Better UI and Help
  • New : Edit slider link on front end
  • New : Common shortcode and template tag
  • New : Added CSS3 transsitions for title, contents for complete slider
  • New : Added per slide CSS3 transsitions for title, contents
  • New : Added Background Image Fade Effect
  • New : Added built-in google fonts
  • New : Added custom font
  • New : Added Layouts while Creating New Slider
  • New : Added Setting for Hide / Show Post Title
  • New : Added Setting for Change Heading tag for Post Title

1.1.3 (Release Date: 04/07/2015)

  • Fix: Load the Slider on Page Load (FOUC) was not working, so there was flash of text on first load.
  • Fix: Horizontal scrollbar appearing on pages where Cosmo was embedded.

1.1.2 (Release Date: 03/19/2015)

  • Fix: Issue with Parallax for images

1.1.1 (Release Date: 09/02/2014)

  • Fix: In case of multisite WordPress installation there was an issue while saving setting set.
  • Fix: If we insert slider with slider id=2 using the shortcode in a post still it was showing a slider with id=1

1.1 (Release Date: 08/27/2014)

  • New: Text Effect (Used animate.css effects)
  • New: Text Effect duration.
  • Fix: Change the code for fouc
  • Fix: load jquery in head section.
  • Fix: removed model popup js error by including its JS file
  • Fix: Change media-uploader.js
  • Fix: Added css for slider panel multiple image upload to show thumbs more properly.
  • Fix: Removed local path from sample css

1.0.2 (Release Date: 06/28/2014)

  • New: Image uploader for Sliders on ‘Sliders’ settings panel. No need to add individual media images (for background) to Comso Slider.
  • New: Each slide can have separate video background, which you can specify using video links on Cosmo Slider metabox on Edit Post/Page/media image/Custom Post type panel or can have common background which you can specify thru video urls on Cosmo Settings panel.
  • New: Cosmo Slider post meta box now has two tabs named basic and advanced with respective fields for the purpose of easy understanding and saving the space.
  • New: Quick embed shortcode and template tags are displayed at the right side of settings page.
  • New: Quick embed shortcode is displayed in popup for ease of copying shortcode.
  • New: On settings panel of Cosmo slider now it is possible to expand and collapse tabs which greatly reduces scrolling efforts.
  • New: Preview Slider params simplified on Settings panel.
  • New: Added a new field “Custom Post Type Slug” on Settings page in Miscellaneous Section. Useful if you are using SliderVilla Slides custom post type and want your own slug for SEO purposes.
  • New: Color picker changed from Farbtastic to WordPress Color Picker.
  • Fix: Solved the debug errors in previous version.
  • Fix:  Solved the issues with responsiveness of admin panel settings page and sliders page.
  • Fix: All database tables and plugin folder being deleted properly on plugin delete.
  • Fix: Alt attribute of image was not applied in previous version which is been solved in this version.
  • Fix: Post meta box fields like link attributes were not updating, resolved this issue.
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