10 Advantages of using jQuery Slider on Website – Pros and Cons

10 Advantages of using jQuery Slider on Website – Pros and Cons

Sliders is a great tool that every web design professional use these days. Especially when it comes to E-Commerce websites, their half of the work is done through sliders. The advantage of jQuery slider is that it is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

Using a slider might be worth it for you. It makes sense to track your data. The slider might not have much of an effect on your results or rankings. You should know the potential risks going in, and this will allow you to make more informed business decisions.

But as we all know that everything has a bright and a dark side. But here, the more focus is on the brighter side. Because including slider into the website, do have a lot of advantages, then if you have lots of remote staff and are wondering how to monitor staff internet usage then there are some brilliant choices available now, so you no longer have to just hope that they are doing the right work.

Here are 10 advantages of using jQuery slider on the website

1. Speeds up things

Using sliders save up a lot of time. It is easy to write a 5 liner code instead of writing 30 lines of javascript code. Including the code in the head tag of the HTML code eases up the whole process. It gives a consistent pace in streamlining the steps.

2. The website looks more professional


Sliders make any website look subtle and professional to the eyes. With the right use of effects or transitions, it can make your website look pro.

Any information can be given a form of sliders. For instance, the above screenshot is of a travel website named TravelBuzz. They have showcased their best packages with the help of sliders. So the user will directly be able to know that the following are the best deals that the company is offering.

If you are an E-Commerce website, you can use the sliders to show the featured products of the day or of the week through sliders. This can be changed once the other products come up. So sliders can be used for any brand as it definitely makes the website look more professional and compact.

3. User-directed

The majority of content sliders can be controlled by the user. This means they can progress through the content at their own pace, aiding their comprehension and retention of the information you’re providing.

4. Best content can be shown in upfold

The upper part of every website is important from user’s perspective. The user tries to find out all the necessary information in the upper portion of the website. Therefore, displaying the slider in the upfold of the website will be beneficial for any brand.

It also enhances the look of the website and makes it compact and soothing to eyes. Through slider, you can put more information at the upper top of the website.

pointelle slider

 5. Promotes user engagement

Sliders always hold the attention of the user. Once a user sees a slider, he is usually going to hang around to see all of the slides. This adds to how long a user is on the site.

Sliders indeed play an important role in promoting user engagement. Portals like Slidervilla provides ample variety of sliders to choose from. There are sliders to show events, to show pictures and to feature blogs. With these kinds of sliders, the user will catch the attention and stay on the website for a longer time.

6. Works well with storytelling

A story always has a certain flow and it cannot be broken down into pieces. So, the sliders can also work well with telling a story.

Simply embedding a series of images or videos in an article or page breaks up that flow, and makes it more difficult for users to continue where they left off. A good content slider allows media to flow inline with the rest of the content.

7. Provides calls-to-action

A slider provides the opportunity to take the user to the desired page. A slider provides calls-to-action button with which a user can go to the internal pages.

For instance, if your slider is about the blogs, then you can put calls-to-action on every slider and if the user wants to read the whole blog then he or she can click it which will be directed to the blog link. Therefore, using sliders to increase the traffic of the internal pages can be really beneficial.

 8. Visual appeal

The sliders are always visually appealing. One of the functions of sliders is to create pages that appeal visually and spark the interest of the website visitors.

Showcasing attractive pictures on the sliders on the website will make the audience stick around and browse more content on the website. As it is always said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So if you know what the audience wants to see, you can showcase that along with the brand and call up more users to engage themselves with good content.

9. Instant information

A slider is a way through which any brand can provide instant information with the help of attractive pictures and graphics. If you are willing to showcase some important information of some upcoming event, then sliders work the best in such cases.

It provides the audience with the information that you want them to know and also that gets visually appealing. It is easier to make specific information stand out when you use sliders, mainly because of its interactivity.

10. Showcasing product in a better way

Sliders are the easiest yet effective way through which any brand can display their products. So through sliders, the brand can tell the audience that they are selling these number of products along with a piece of information to know more. This eliminates the confusion among the audience as they are now well aware of what products and offers a brand is having.

Disadvantages of sliders

Everythings has a positive and a negative side. But when it comes to sliders, there are fewer disadvantages as compared t its pros.

Load time impact

According to some metrics, sliders may take time to load. But it also depends on how much heavy images and visuals your site contains. Sliders might take longer to load. Some webpage visitors will find sliders frustrating to use.

Say, for example, you have a slider which is 900x400px, your website will have to load all three of those images and any corresponding text before the slider is fully loaded. This can have a negative effect on the page load time of your website.

Click through rate is reduced

When a slider is taking longer to load, it is but natural that the user will find it difficult to hold on. This will result in the reduction in the number of clicks. If the slider is already taking time to load on a desktop, it will take more time to load on a mobile with network issues as well.

Though the sliders are having its own set of pros and cons, just remember to be unique while using it. Almost all the people are using sliders these days to make their website look more eye-catching. But always try to keep your website different from others. there are options to customize the sliders as well. So this is the opportunity to get creative, unique and updates all the time.




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