Create Quiz or Question Answer Slider using Flashcard Slider WordPress Plugin

Create Quiz or Question Answer Slider using Flashcard Slider WordPress Plugin

One of the best and unique Slider to create quiz or question and answer is through the Flashcard slider. It helps to show the flashcards inside a jquery slider plugin for WordPress. It allows to add a horizontal carousel of the flip-able slides to the WordPress sites. There are different settings that can be done regarding the layout and can be easily customized using the different admin panel options.

Simple Steps to create Quiz or Question Answer using Flashcard Slider:

Step 1] In order to use the Flashcard Slider to create Quiz or Question Answer one needs to download the zip file of the Flashcard Slider and add it to the plugin to the plugins folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Flashcard Slider >>Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then one will find the Flashcard Slider option in the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] To create a new slider go to:

Admin Panel >> Flashcard Slider >> Create New >> WordPress Core Section >> Recent Posts Slider (Select the Slider Type accordingly)


flash card


The details are to be filled for the slider type depending upon the choice that is made which is user defined.

Step 3] After entering the name of the slider, select the skin as well as the layout of the slider which is again user defined. An Easy Builder will get appear for it where one will find all the settings related to the slider, also the shortcode and template tag that can be used to display it on the front end.



One need to copy the code and paste it on the page or post where one wants it to appear and you are done with it.  One can also embed the slider on the WordPress site using Easy widgets.

Following the above simple steps you are done and easily create the Quiz or Question and Answer Slider using the Flash card slider in a very quick and easy way.

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Smooth Slider Free WordPress Slider Plugin crossed 5,00,000 Downloads

Smooth Slider Free WordPress Slider Plugin crossed 5,00,000 Downloads

The best marketing strategy for your business could be building a good website that will highlight all the features that is offered by your product and attracting more visitors. Aside from that, you should always make sure that the invoices you are sending your customers have the right template, like a freelancer invoice template, for a more professional looking bill. If you are just a startup then you cannot invest more money for building up a new website. It is always good to start with WordPress Slider Plugins that are available for free. This Slider WordPress Plugins will help you to represent your website in a better way. There are so many free Slider Plugins that are available but people believe in the fact that the Slider Plugins available for free comes up with so  many disadvantages.

Free WordPress Slider Plugins: Misunderstood by many!

It is in fact human tendency to keep on judging things when they are offered for free. They keep on comparing the free things with the one that might cost you. To highlight some of the facts related to free WordPress Slider Plugins are:

  • WordPress Slider Plugins that are offered for free does not work properly as compared to the Premium Sliders.
  • Free Plugins are not well tested and there are no updates that are offered for them.
  • The code for such free plugins are not well executed and that might be very buggy.
  • There will be many free WordPress Plugins that might offer you with the same features with no uniqueness.

It is not right to say that all the Free WordPress Plugins will have all the features same as compared to the Premium Plugins. But there are still a few free WordPress Plugins that will not only guarantee you with the features that are same with the Premium Sliders but also with time to time updates.  One of such WordPress Plugin is the Smooth Slider.

If you don’t believe us that we are the best Free WordPress Slider Plugin then see our Downloads figure that will make you believe us!!!
Smooth Slider Stats

Free WordPress Plugin that has crossed 5,00,000 Downloads:

Smooth Slider is the WordPress Plugin that has crossed 5,00,000 downloads in a very short span of time. The figures for download itself shows the fact that people has trusted this plugin and the count is still increasing. Smooth Slider is the responsive WordPress Slider for Featured Content, Videos and Media images.

Great Features offered by Smooth Slider:

  • Able to create multiple sliders and able to add them for posts or pages using ID
  • Easy to implement it on the front end due to Short codes and Widgets
  • CSS can be easily customize
  • Responsive design that works well with all the devices
  • Search Engine Optimized Slideshow
  • One can have full control for the looks through the Settings Panel
  • Easy to Import and Export the settings
  • Creating Custom Sliders very easily
  • One can choose the design from Multiple designs that are available
  • Able to create multiple image size slider
  • Different transition effects that are available
  • Very easy to implement it though one does not have any technical knowledge

and the list goes on…

Smooth Slider is one of the WordPress Slider Plugin that is offering you the same features as that of the Premium Slider Plugin. There are many Sliders that will offer you with all the features that are as listed above but that will be a Premium Slider. To get a slider that will change the look of your website and that is offered for free is really great news for the startups and for the ones that are hesitant to invest much. The team also provides 24/7  support to the users and there is a update from the team very frequently which is commendable.

Cosmo Slider v3.1 with Full-Screen Mode, Slide Expiry Date Released

Cosmo Slider v3.1 with Full-Screen Mode, Slide Expiry Date Released

Are you looking for a full-screen image or video slider to grab visitors attention? Then you must try Cosmo Slider for WordPress. We are grateful to introduce the new version of Cosmo Slider v3.1. An amazing slider which will give your site a more dynamic feel and make your contents awesome.

Cosmo Slider Full Screen Mode

New Features in Cosmo Slider WordPress Plugin

Cosmo Slider 3.1 comes with new exciting features. Lets talk about those features first,

Full-screen mode: This will fill your screen with slider. You can set your slider to full screen . There is an option for full screen in setting panel this will allow you to enable full screen mode. Full-screen slider represents your site, attractively. Whether you are visiting the site on a laptop, Smartphone or desktop, the slider will always remain in full screen in the area above fold.

Slide expiry date: You can  decide up to which date your slide should display in slider. You can set an expiry date for each slide. This is very useful feature for those who wanted to show slides for some period. After the expiry date that slide will not be visible in slider. Perfect feature to highlight time-bound posts, banners or events.

Display slider on pages: If you wanted to set a different slider for particular page then you can set it. This feature will make it easy to change sliders according to your pages. You just have to enable this option from Edit post panel.  You can embed different sliders on different pages without touching the shortcodes or template tag.

Cosmo Slider looks amazing on Smartphones and tablets. It makes better to browsing your site on a smartphone by providing an elegant feel and will adjust to the width of a smartphone.

Touch Enabled swipe gestures: You can change slides just by touching the screen. You don’t have to navigate the slides using navigation buttons only.

Option to Show/Hide: If you don’t want to see the slider on mobile devices, then you can set this option as well. The option will not just hide the slider but will optimize the page to even skip the slider PHP code altogether.

Bug Fixes in Cosmo Slider v3.1

Apart from the new features, we have also issued some fixes in Cosmo Slider v3.1.

Recurring Events: In previous version of Cosmo Slider we noticed recurring events are occurring repeatedly now we have fixed with it. You can see recurring events will be displayed only once in slider.

Publish date of slide: This can be a new option we have added. In Cosmo Slider 3.1 you can see publish date of each slide. This is useful for administration purpose.

Font size on a smartphone:  This will adjust font size on mobile devices.

We hope you will enjoy new Cosmo Slider v3.1 with this new features and create your site more eye-catching. Let us know your thoughts about the update and features. If you want any specific feature in this design, kindly put the request via comment form below.

Free Update for Existing Users

If you have already purchased Cosmo Slider and using it on your WordPress installation, you can update to v3.1 for free. Like other SliderVilla sliders, Cosmo also comes with lifetime free updates. If you have populated the license key field on settings page, you can use auto-update option of WordPress to update the plugin to its latest version. In case of any issue, feel free to contact our support team.

Rich Testimonials – An Elegant Way to Show Testimonials in Slider, List and Grid View

Rich Testimonials – An Elegant Way to Show Testimonials in Slider, List and Grid View

Introducing the most amazing and elegant testimonial slider, list and grid design for WordPress users – Rich Testimonials. As our Testimonial Slider (free WordPress plugin) has already received a tremendous feedback from the community, we are releasing a premium version with more designs, features and a priority support option. Rich Testimonials plugin covers almost all the requirements related to receiving and showing testimonials from customers, clients and visitors. It comes with an inbuilt testimonial form which can be embedded on front-end and will populate the slider, list or grid.

Rich Testimonials

Feature list of Rich Testimonial is too long. I would recommend to checkout the demo itself.

Get Rich Testimonials

Get 30% OFF on Rich Testimonials

Use the coupon code RICH and get 30% discount on Rich Testimonials WordPress plugin. Offer is valid till 15’th June 2015.

Note – Offer is only valid for Rich Testimonials plugin, may not work on other slider plugins.




Introducing Foto Slider 1.0

Introducing Foto Slider 1.0


We have just added a new slider on SliderVilla and named it as Foto Slider. It is a photo gallery and featured content slider with amazing features just like other SliderVilla sliders WordPress plugins. Foto Slider is the fastest slider in town and even with 50 or 100 images, the slider starts sliding in less than 3 seconds. The speed and deep integration with WordPress makes the Foto Slider the best possible choice to showcase an image gallery.

Foto Slider comes in 2 different skins or designs – Dark and Light. You can choose the skin as per your theme’s design or requirement and have the slider embedded and running in no time. With bulk upload features, you can upload any number of images at once and have them inside the slider in just single click.

Apart from the above features, there are so many other amazing features in Foto Slider.

  • Full Screen Mode on top-right corner
  • 100% Responsive Design and works great on all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, iMac
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Keyboard Arrows Navigation support
  • Live Admin Preview Panel to Customize the Slider without Implementation
  • Create Unlimited Foto Sliders with different or same slides
  • Create Unlimited Settings Set and apply different settings on different Foto Slider
  • Drag and Drop reorder option for slides
  • Add External or Internal Links to the slides
  • Auto Rotation Option
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ready
  • Insert Videos like YouTube, Vimeo, Self Hosted MP4 etc.
  • Works with all SliderVilla Add-ons
  • Export/Import Settings (helpful in moving from development to production environment)
  • Optimized load and best performance
  • 24×7 support and customization as per requirement

If you want to have a photo gallery inside a WordPress post, page content area, sidebar, footer or anywhere else on your current theme, it is easily possible with Foto Slider. It comes with Widget, Shortcode and Template Tags to embed the slider. With more than 50 customization options on dedicated settings page, one can customize the slider without writing any piece of code.

Find the screenshots of settings panel as well as the different demo of Foto Slider on its page. Share your thoughts about this new member in SliderVilla family through comments.

Introducing Cosmo Slider 1.0

Introducing Cosmo Slider 1.0

We are happy to release a new slider plugin on SliderVilla named Cosmo Slider. With an elegant look of full screen slider, Cosmo can add a classy responsive slider to your website in no time.

Image and Video Background

With preloaded default image and other high quality images stored in your WordPress media library or even from other websites, one can easily create and embed Cosmo in less than 3 minutes.

Apart from images, you can also add video as a background to the slider. Imagine a smooth soothing video playing as a background of your slide text; it is possible with Cosmo Slider WordPress plugin. You just need to mention the URL of the video on Cosmo settings panel to add that as background. YouTube or self hosted videos (format MP4, WebM) are supported in Cosmo v1.0.

Cosmo Slider in action

Parallax and other Effects

With Parallax Effect on a full screen slider, the added video or images just look awesome while scrolling the slider. Cosmo is having a dedicated settings panel to choose from couple of effects including fade, horizontal scroll and easing.

50+ Setting Fields and Live Preview

Like other SliderVilla sliders, Cosmo is also having Live Preview panel on settings page to test the settings without embedding the same on front-end. You can choose the type of slider that you want to preview by just selecting some drop-down options. For example, select Category Slider to preview a Cosmo Slider with posts as slides from any specific category. It is just a matter of pasting a shortcode anywhere inside a page or post content area to embed that slider. Apart from shortcode, Cosmo comes with template tags and widgets as embed options.

Without any knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS, one can easily customize the slider from its settings panel.

Google Fonts option is also there on settings panel to apply Google Web Fonts on elements like slide title, content and meta fields.

Load Images and Text from External Sites like Flickr or

Do you like to embed a full screen slider with Parallax effect with images stored at third-party sites like Flickr or Cosmo Slider along with RSS Feed Add-on can get you the same by adding a shortcode just like the one below,

[svrssfeed feedurl="" slider="cosmo" set="2"]

Checkout the result of the above shortcode.

Along with Taxonomy Add-on, you can create Cosmo Slider with posts from multiple categories, tags or even from custom post type taxonomies. For e-commerce sites which are using WooCommerce like plugins which creates products as a custom post type, one can easily create a slider of those added products.

Apart from the regular posts, pages, images from media library, custom post types etc. one can also create a slider by adding slides under “SliderVilla Slides”. It is a post type added to your WordPress dashboard by our slider plugin. You can use the same post type to add slides in other sliders from SliderVilla as well.

Automatic Update

We provide lifetime updates of Cosmo Slider without any recurring charges. There are no recurring charges of any kind on Our slider update is well integrated with the in-build WordPress automatic updates feature and one can easily update the plugin to its latest version by a single click. You need to mention the license key on settings panel to enable the automatic update.

Knowledge Base

Even a good product will bleed its value if it’s difficult for people to use it.

To provide the best possible documentation and FAQs for our slider products, we create a dedicated knowledge base centre to each of them. For Cosmo slider’s tutorials, FAQs, guides and videos, please visit

A product is as good as its documentation

Money Back Guarantee

Along with Cosmo, we are introducing 14 days money back guarantee on SliderVilla. If we cannot help you solve any issues you may have with the plugin within 14 days of purchase, we will give you 100% refund for the same.