We have introduced club membership on SliderVilla WordPress Slider plugin portal. Club members will get access to all premium WordPress slider plugins along with the free ones.

Earlier we were selling individual sliders starting from $19, but with the membership only option, customers will get access to all the sliders at once. Compared to other plugins the price is perfect for the access being offered. If you have found a way to manage your loans and get off the bristow and sutor bailiff problem, its time you get the plugin portal and see how it can help you.

Club Membership and Pricing

Individual sliders were priced at $19 for single site and $49 for multi-site license. Now, the club membership plans starting from $69,  you get single site license of all slider plugins. This single site license allows you to install each slider on one domain at a time. You can install Pointelle Slider on site A and Placid Slider on Site B or A but you can’t activate Placid Slider on Site A and B together.

If you will compare the new pricing with the old one, for total 16 premium sliders, earlier you were paying $304 but now can access all at just $69. It is almost 75% cheaper now.

If you are planning to use one slider on multiple websites, Pro Club Membership is available at $129. It allows you to activate each slider on 3 different websites simultaneously.

For Developers and Agencies, we are offering Unlimited and Lifetime membership options. You save a lot of money with these membership plans and also get all future releases for free.

Note – All new sliders that we will release in future will be automatically available in your membership area to download.

Secure Payment using Credit Card

We have also introduced credit card payment option on the checkout page. Earlier, PayPal was the only payment gateway available on SliderVilla but now you can choose to pay using PayPal or Credit Card. The checkout page is now being served using HTTPS secured protocol.

About Old Customers

We are very much concerned about our existing customers and will keep serving them all the updates as promised. If you are already using SliderVilla plugins on your website, the automatic updates will keep coming as promised per the old plan. The Download Area for older purchases is available here.

All the new purchases will be processed with the new system and will appear under the new account area.

What is Next?

The implementation of Club Membership and New Payment gateway is a part of positive steps planned for SliderVilla. With this new membership plan, we are going to release minimum 1 new slider every month and that will automatically appear in your membership area.

More good stuffs related to sliders are also planned and we are working on the same. Looking forward to serve you with all the need related to sliders.

Get Access to All Premium WordPress Sliders

Membership plans start from $69 only.

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