Are you planning to showcase client logos or partner logo slider on your website? With no knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP, one can add such slider on a WordPress powered website in very easy steps. Such type of logo slider is helpful in getting more authority and conversion as visitors will show more trust and faith on the website by knowing your sponsors and client’s details.

What to Expect in a Partner Logo Slider?

Expectations may vary for the requirement but here are few common things which normally people ask in a partner logo slider or sponsor carousel.

  • Smooth and Continuous Scroll in Loop
  • Link Slide or Logo to External URL (mostly to the client’s webpage URL)
  • Option to change the loop speed and time delay
  • Auto resizing of the logo images
  • Responsive Design to work on all devices
  • Option to Set an Expiry Date for each slide
  • Highlight or Gray-scale Logo Images using CSS
  • Option to Embed the Slider in my current WordPress Theme

Apart from these, you may have one or two extra requirements but these are the common ones.

How to Add Partners Logo Slider in WordPress?

Slider is just a one part of the website and is not everything. That’s why you should focus on the design of your website and pick a WordPress theme according to your website. Now, whatever theme you have picked, the following steps will enable you to embed a beautiful and feature rich Logo Slider in no time.

Step 1 -:

Download Placid Slider which comes loaded with all the features mentioned above as well as it is having lot many other features too. Placid is a the most powerful and flexible logo slider for WordPress. Upload and Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 -:

Upload the logos of your clients or partners or sponsors and create a logo slider on Placid Slider setting panel under dashboard. You can live preview the slider on setting panel and make changes using the drag and drop feature or the available options for formatting.

Step 3 -:

Embed the slider using a piece of PHP embed code mentioned on the slider creation page. You only need to paste the code wherever you want the slider to appear. If it is inside a page content area, Placid also shows the shortcode to embed the slider.

Now the slider will start appearing the page. You can customize of change the values on admin panel and those changes will automatically reflect on the front-end. Each slide is having an edit panel to enter the external URL for the slide. Using that option, you can point each slide to the client’s website or sponsor’s website.

Why Placid Slider as Logo Image Slider?

There are more than 500 sliders available on Internet but Placid is specially designed to work as Logo Slider. After looking at all the requirements which come under discussion before implementing a partners logo slider or client logo slider on homepage or other landing pages, we developed Placid Slider. It fits the requirement by proving the most flexible and feature rich carousel to showcase brand logos.

Note – With Placid Slider, you can also put the logos static (no sliding effect) and create a grid type layout.

Check the demo of Placid Slider

Placid Slider comes with premium support from a dedicated support team.