Creating a slider with the content including articles, images from the same site is very easy. There are plenty of free and premium plugins available to create beautiful sliders in no time. But if you like to showcase content from third-part websites in a slider format, is it possible? For example, if you like to showcase the latest articles from CNN on your website in a slider form, how will you do that. At this point, many webmasters take the help of companies like SpamZilla and create a new website, overall. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can create and embed a slider with content from a website that you don’t own. Or you can take it as how you can showcase the content of Site A on Site B in a slider format.

In this example, I am going to use the RSS or Atom Feed of Site A to fetch the recently published articles. Using the feed data, I am going to build a slider or carousel.

SliderVilla WordPress Sliders come with in-built RSS Feed Slider feature. You only need to enter the RSS Feed URL to create a beautiful slider. No coding required.

Where to Find the RSS Feed URL?

All you need is the RSS Feed URL to create an amazing slider with responsive design. In this example, I am using Featured Slider plugin that I installed on Site B. To get the RSS feed URL of a website, you can following either of these 2 steps:

  • Check the HTML source of the page by right-click on the browser => View Source. Search for RSS on that page and you can find the URL
  • If using Firefox browser, you can see the RSS feed icon on right side of the address bar. Click on that icon and it will take you to the fee URL.

Steps to Create RSS Feed Slider

NOTE: This example is in reference to the Featured Slider, steps are same for other slider plugin of SliderVilla

Step 1] In order to use a Featured Slider to add the content from third-party site (WordPress and Non-WordPress) one needs to download the .zip file for Featured Slider and add it to the plugin folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Featured Slider >> Activate

Ones the Plugin is activated, you will find the Featured Slider option on the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] To create a new slider,

Admin Panel >> Featured Slider >> Create New >> Miscellaneous Section >> RSS feed Slider 

rss feed

Fill in the details for the RSS Feed Slider which is user defined.


Step 3] Select the Skin and the Layout for the Slider. An Easy Builder will get appear for it where one will find all the settings of the slider and changes can be done accordingly.

One can also change the settings related to RSS feed Slider from the bottom of the Easy Builder section.

Well, with this simple 3 Step process, you can have a responsive RSS feed slider made of content from different website. Such slider is useful to showcase blog articles from other websites owned by you or from some popular sites of your choice.

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