PHP version 7 has been released and is available on the best managed wordpress hosting usa to upgrade as well. The last stable version of PHP was 5.6 and after that, PHP 7 came (Yes, there is no PHP 6). Developers of PHP worked really hard to make PHP 7 better in many ways and the most important improvement is Speed. PHP 7 is twice as fast as PHP 5.6 and is able to handle double or even more requests per second. CMS platform like WordPress will run 2X faster on PHP 7 as compared to PHP 5.6. Here is the benchmark showing number of quests per second for WordPress CMS running on PHP 7 and 5.6 servers.

PHP 7 is 2X Faster than PHP 5.6


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As you can see, server with PHP 7 is handling more than 2 times requests per second as compared to 5.6. And also note that WordPress community is utilizing the PHP 7 new extensions and code in a better way for even better performance. WordPress runs more than 27% of web so PHP 7 is going to impact a very large number of sites along with other PHP based websites. Apart from speed improvement, PHP 7 also removed many deprecated functionalities. Such functionalities were marked as deprecated in PHP 5.6 which means if the developer is using those in a program, it will keep working but is not recommended. But with removal of those functionalities in PHP 7, the program will stop working if those deprecated functions are used somewhere.

The latest version of WordPress is PHP 7 compatible and they are following the good practice to make this smooth. But the problem lies with Plugins and Themes. What if a plugin that you are using is using the old deprecated functions. In that case, your site will break if you upgrade to PHP 7. Well, now it’s time for WordPress plugin and theme developers to make sure that their code is PHP 7 compatible.

WordPress Sliders compatible with PHP 7

SliderVilla has made all 19+ WordPress sliders compatible with this new stable version of PHP. We have made all our carousels (premium as well as free ones) compatible and well tested on PHP 7. So if you are planning to upgrade the PHP version on your server to PHP 7 for better performance, go ahead without worrying about our slider’s compatibility.