Flickr, a popular image hosting platform is used by many people to archive their photography work on cloud. If you are having Flickr account with lot many images and also have a blog or site on WordPress, you can easily showcase your Flickr images on blog using a nice, modern, stylish and responsive Flickr Image WordPress Slider.

In this example, I will show you how to add Flickr Image gallery in WordPress using Foto Slider WordPress plugin from SliderVilla. There are 19+ WordPress Sliders available on SliderVilla and you can add Flickr Image Gallery using any of these slider designs. All the sliders are having integration with Flickr API and can be used very easily.

How to Create Flickr Image Slider with Auto Fetched Images

  • Install and Activate Foto Slider WordPress plugin.
  • Get Flickr API Key and Enter the key in “Global Settings” page under Foto Slider Menu. API Key is required to auto fetch the data from your Flickr Account.
  • Click on the “Create New Slider” and select “Flickr Slider” from the list of slider options


  • In Foto Slider, you have option to auto fetch the recent Flickr images by following options
    1. Recent from an Album
    2. Recently uploaded by User


  • For example, to create a Flickr Album Slider, enter the Album ID of the Album from where you want to fetch the image. e.g. To create a slider of “50 Most Popular” by Nicholas Hendrickx, here is the step to follow
    1. Out of the Album URL “”, copy the last numeric part i.e. “72157600233851176“. This is the Album ID that you need to use to create an Album Slider. You can get Album ID of any Flickr Album using this method.
    2. Paste the Album ID on the Next Screen of the “Create Flickr Slider” panel
  • Now select the skin from “Light” and “Dark” as per your choice


  • Select the layout of the Foto Slider
  • Now you will see the preview of Foto Slider with Images from Flickr Album “50 Most Popular“. On this Easy Builder page, you can copy the shortcode or template tag to paste and ad the Flickr Slider anywhere on your WordPress site.


  • On Easy Builder page of Foto Slider, you can change the typography, animation, transition speed, title text etc. without writing any piece of code.

Similarly, if you want Foto Slider with Flickr Images uploaded by a particular “User”, select “User” option on the 2’nd screen of the “Create New Slider” panel. Enter the User ID and the slider will auto fetch the images uploaded by a particular user.

Is Foto Slider only option for Flickr Image Slider?

These options are available in All 19+ WordPress Sliders on SliderVilla. Same Easy Builder modified with the options related to each slider will allow you to make changes in the slider using easy to use panel.

Create and embed Flickr Image Album Slider or User Gallery in WordPress using any of our Responsive WordPress Sliders.