Gone are the days you will rely on such Plugins that do not offer you full width auto adjusted images. Good content and images will help the visitors to understand your product in the better way. Representation of the content on your website is the best way to boast the features that you offer. You cannot provide only the desktop view for your website. Allow the customers to explore your website any where any time with all the devices. The only way to achieve this is to provide with the best Full Width Auto Adjusted Slider.

Reasons Why People avoided Full width slider earlier:

There were various misconceptions and Carousels myths that people followed. Some of the main reasons that refrain them from having a full width slider is as stated below:

Not Responsive: The main reason that pulled people back to have such full width WordPress Plugin is that they were in a believe that such plugins are not responsive with all the devices.

Images without effects: They were unsure if it will provide with good effects for the images and text, that will look good for their website.

High Bandwidth: One of the important reason people avoided such full width WordPress Plugins for their website is due to bandwidth. Bandwidth is nothing but the data speed supported by network connection.

Difficulty in Implementation: They were not sure of the ways in which it could be easily implemented on the front end with the control over all the settings.

Time has changed now and there are so many Sliders available that will guarantee you with great features. Bandwidth will hardly be an issue with any of the Sliders now. Among so many Sliders available one of the best Full Screen Elegant Slider WordPress Plugin is Cosmo Slider.

Is Cosmo Slider for me?

Whenever you need an image or video at the background with a full screen slider and a call to action button, the best choice you can make for your website is to go with the Cosmo Slider.

Key Features offered by Cosmo Slider:

  • Integration with WordPress CMS:

Cosmo Slider offers a deep integration with WordPress CMS to fetch and to add custom post type, category specific slides, latest posts, images from media library and videos.

  • Easy to display on the Front end:

It is very easy to implement it on the front end through shortcodes, template tags and widgets. Even a person with non technical knowledge will find it very easy to implement.

  • Parallax Scroll Effect:

It provides with the Parallax Scroll effect for the images so that the text and the large size images look good on the website. Due to this, the content of the website will be displayed in the better way to attract more visitors.

  • Highly Responsive:

It is easily accessible from all the devices thus providing with a highly responsive design. It has the capability to adjusts with the width of the devices and thus making it mobile friendly.

  • Call to Action Button:

All the words and imagery can be combined into a centralized location using the call to action button. One can also add internal and external link for call button and convert the traffic into action.

  • Command over all the Settings:

There are about 50 settings options that are available in order to customize the look of the sliders on the front end. One can easily make changes for the desired settings.

  • SEO optimized:

All the slides are easily indexed by Google and the other search engines and thus making the slider as SEO optimized.

  • Easy CSS customization:

If there are certain changes or the customization that are to be done for the CSS then there is no need to edit the theme’s CSS files, it provides with a special CSS box in order to add extra lines for the CSS. So a person without the knowledge of CSS can also make the changes easily.

Considering with the best Full Screen Auto adjusted Cosmo slider with these additional feature is like a bonus! Getting all these features under a single roof with a reasonable price that will fit your pockets is really commendable.

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