One of the best and unique Slider to create quiz or question and answer is through the Flashcard slider. It helps to show the flashcards inside a jquery slider plugin for WordPress. It allows to add a horizontal carousel of the flip-able slides to the WordPress sites. There are different settings that can be done regarding the layout and can be easily customized using the different admin panel options.

Simple Steps to create Quiz or Question Answer using Flashcard Slider:

Step 1] In order to use the Flashcard Slider to create Quiz or Question Answer one needs to download the zip file of the Flashcard Slider and add it to the plugin to the plugins folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Flashcard Slider >>Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then one will find the Flashcard Slider option in the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] To create a new slider go to:

Admin Panel >> Flashcard Slider >> Create New >> WordPress Core Section >> Recent Posts Slider (Select the Slider Type accordingly)


flash card


The details are to be filled for the slider type depending upon the choice that is made which is user defined.

Step 3] After entering the name of the slider, select the skin as well as the layout of the slider which is again user defined. An Easy Builder will get appear for it where one will find all the settings related to the slider, also the shortcode and template tag that can be used to display it on the front end.



One need to copy the code and paste it on the page or post where one wants it to appear and you are done with it.  One can also embed the slider on the WordPress site using Easy widgets.

Following the above simple steps you are done and easily create the Quiz or Question and Answer Slider using the Flash card slider in a very quick and easy way.

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