Slider is the most engaging element of any Website. When these sliders are combined with page builder the level of its usage takes one more step towards flexibility. If you are using Page builders such as Visual Composer, Divi Builder, SiteOrigin page builder or any other builders, this tutorial will help you add SliderVilla carousels using those builders. For a slider to be used in page builder is expected to have the ability to generate shortcodes & provide widgets. These shortcodes then can be used to place in to page using page builder text editor widget. We can also directly use widgets of slider into page builder.

Here we will see how to add premium WordPress Sliders using a page builder. In this, we have used Premium Akkord Slider with SiteOrigin page builder.

NOTE: This will be in reference to the Akkord Slider, steps are same for other sliders in SliderVilla.

Step 1) Download the zip file of Akkord Slider and add it to the plugins folder of your theme. Go to dashboard,

Installed Plugins >> Akkord Slider >> Activate

Step 2) Download the zip file of SiteOrigin page builder and add it to the plugins folder of your theme. Go to dashboard and activate the plugin.

Step 3) Now go to,

Admin Panel >> Akkord Slider >> Create New

Select one from the multiple slider types and keep following the steps and instructions given in the slider to create an amazing Akkord Slider.

Step 4) Then create a page on which you want to show the slider. Go to,

Admin Panel >> Pages >> Add New

As you have activated the Page builder plugin you will see a page builder tab appearing on editor. Click on it.

page builder tab

1. Add a Slider using Shortcode:

First we will add shortcode to display slider on front end. As all the SliderVilla Sliders generate shortcode for each slider you create, you can easily embed them in editor. We assume you have already created a slider so now click on “Add Row” and then click on “Add Widget”. Select default Text widget of WordPress. Edit this widget and add title and required content. In this content area add your shortcode generated by slider. Update the page and check front view of this page. Final look of slider-

Final slider with shortcode

2. Add a Slider using widget:

We assume you have already created a slider so now click on “add row” and then click on “add widget”. You will see 3 widgets of Akkord slider appearing over there as shown in image below:

Slider widgets in page builder

Now depending upon your choice select whether you want to display a category slider, a recent posts slider or a simple image slider.

After selecting any widget fill title field and slider & settings.


Click on done, update the page and check your slider on the front end. Final look of slider-

Final slider with widget

Following these few simple steps will let you build an awesome page with appropriate slider appearing in it.

P.S. All WordPress sliders of SliderVilla comes with shortcode and widget options. It means if you are using Page builders such as SiteOrigin Page Builder, Divi Page Builder, Visual Composer or any other builders, you can easily add SliderVilla sliders inside the pages.