While many people resort to the use of social media applications to boost the sales of their business,  a website can be considered as a hub for all the social media profiles. Making a video for Youtube and constantly receiving views from The Marketing Heaven or creating an interactive live post where you host Q&A are undoubtedly great ways to spread your company and the services it offers, but if your website is without the representation of a brand or a logo, then is incomplete.

Placid Slider

Here are the benefits of providing Logo or Brand/ Scrolling image slider for your website: Please check it out!!!

  • Drawing Customers attention:

Scrolling images or Brand slider are an extremely effective and powerful way to draw the customers and to publicize the brands that are supported by you.

  • Easy to represent:

It is easy to represent all the details of the brands and logo images towards the bottom of the website. Without much efforts the visitors can have a look on all the brand images that is supported by your website. Thus it makes the work quite simpler.

  • Increases brand loyalty:

It maximizes the ability to increase the awareness and brand loyalty among the customers. They get to know about the brands that are offered by you in a better way so this will built trust among the customers.

  • Competitive spirit:

Representation of all the brands along with the details will showcase the products that you support. This will give rise to the competitive spirit in the market and help to know your business in a better way as compared to others.

  • Changes visitors outlook:

The visitors who visit your website for the first time and go through scrolling brand images will give a good impression for them. This will surely change the outlook of the customers and give a good feedback of the product that is offered.

There are many WordPress plugin that are available but there are only few that will guarantee scrolling image slider for WordPress CMS. One such slider is the Placid Slider which is the most recommended scrolling image slider. It is best suited for Logo or Brand images slider and which is mostly found on the footer area of the websites.

Simple steps to create Logo or Brand Slider with Placid WordPress Slider:

Step 1] In order to use Placid Slider to create the logo and brand slider, one needs to download the zip file and add it to the plugin folders.  Go to:

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Placid Slider >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated you will find the Placid Slider option in the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] Now go to,

Admin Panel >> Placid Slider >> Create New >> WordPress Core Section >> Recent posts Slider (Select the Slider Type accordingly)

screenshot-localhost 2015-10-05 15-51-50

Depending upon the Slider type that is selected fill in the details for it.

Step 3] Select the Skin and Layout for the Slider. An Easy Builder will get appeared where one can change all the settings related to the particular slider.

Following the 3 simple steps you are able to create Placid Slider and include the logo and brand for your website.

You can include number of brands and logo with responsive design, continuous scrolling action and Grayscale effect with the Placid Slider. Placid Slider can be considered as a great way to represent all the Logo Slider and brand images in no time for your website, thus making your work much simpler!