It has become very easy to fetch the latest posts slider easily in WordPress from all the Sliders of SliderVilla. Follow the following steps for the same:

Simple Steps to Add Dynamically Fetched Latest Posts Slider:

NOTE: This will be in reference to the Pointelle Slider, steps are same for other sliders in SliderVilla.

Step 1] In order to use a Pointelle Slider to add dynamically fetched latest posts sliders, one needs to download the zip file for Pointelle Slider and add it to the plugin folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Pointelle Slider >> Activate

Ones the Plugin is activated one will find the Pointelle Slider option on the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] To create a new slider go to,

Admin Panel >> Pointelle Slider >> Create New >> WordPress Core Section >> Recent Posts Slider

recent post (1) 

Step 2] Enter the name of the Slider and proceed to the next step.

Step 3] Select the Skin and the Layout for the Slider. An Easy Builder will get appear for it where one will find all the settings of the slider and changes can be done accordingly.

Using the Shortcode and Template tag, it can be used to display it on the front end.

Following these 3 simple steps one can very easily add Dynamically Fetched Latest Posts Slider in WordPress in no time. Believe me, it takes less than 20 seconds to have a nice slider with dynamically fetched posts. All your future posts will automatically start appearing inside the slider.