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Implement Google Web Fonts in WordPress Slider - SliderVilla
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Google fonts are the free and open source fonts that are served by the Google Servers. These are very attractive fonts that goes very well with all the websites. There are variety of them that are available and one can easily make the choice for it. One can easily implement Google Web Fonts for all the WordPress sliders of SliderVilla.

Simple Steps to implement Google Web Fonts in WordPress Slider:

NOTE: This is in reference to the Pointelle Slider, steps are same for other sliders in SliderVilla

Step 1] In order to use the Pointelle Slider to use the google web fonts in WordPress Slider, download the zip file and add it to the plugin folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Pointelle Slider >> Activate

After the plugin is activated one will find the Pointelle Slider option in the admin panel and all the settings related to the Pointelle Slider.

Step 2] In order to create a new slider go to,

Admin Panel >> Pointelle Slider >> Create New >> WordPress Core Section >> Recent Posts Slider 

(The Slider type can be selected accordingly)

google font-1

Step 3] Select the Skin and the Layout for the particular Slider after that the Easy Builder will appear where one can change all the settings related to the particular slider. It is possible to implement the Google Web fonts for the Sliders in the following 2 ways that are as stated below:

[1] Implementing Google Web Fonts for all the Sliders-

In this setting the Google Web Fonts will be applied to all the Sliders. This common settings is done when you want to apply these fonts for all the sliders. Go to:

Admin Panel >> Pointelle Slider >> Setting Sets >> Slide Settings

Slide Settings Section is again divided into 3 subsections (Slide Image, Post Title and Post Content). One can easily implement the google fonts for the title as well as the content of the Sliding Post from here.

Select the Font Type >> Google Fonts. After the choice is made for the Google Fonts select Google Web Font, Google Font Weight and Google Font Subset from the drop down which is again user defined.



Save the changes and the particular settings get applied to all the sliders of the SliderVilla.

[2] Implementing Google Web Fonts to a particular Slider-

It is also possible to implement the particular settings of the Google fonts to a particular Slider from:

Admin Panel >> Pointelle Slider >> Manage Slider >> Select the particular Slider for which the Settings is to be applied (Edit)

An Easy Builder gets appear for the Slider that is selected. Towards the right it consists of various settings that can be applied. For Text Controls and Navigation Panel one can select Font >> Google Font. Make the choice for the Google Web Font, Google Font Weight and Google Font Subset from the drop down that is user defined.

This setting gets applied to the particular slider that is selected.


Thus following these 3 simple steps one can make a choice to use the Google Web Fonts for the Sliders which is user defined.