The best marketing strategy for your business could be building a good website that will highlight all the features that is offered by your product and attracting more visitors. Aside from that, you should always make sure that the invoices you are sending your customers have the right template, like a freelancer invoice template, for a more professional looking bill. If you are just a startup then you cannot invest more money for building up a new website. It is always good to start with WordPress Slider Plugins that are available for free. This Slider WordPress Plugins will help you to represent your website in a better way. There are so many free Slider Plugins that are available but people believe in the fact that the Slider Plugins available for free comes up with so  many disadvantages.

Free WordPress Slider Plugins: Misunderstood by many!

It is in fact human tendency to keep on judging things when they are offered for free. They keep on comparing the free things with the one that might cost you. To highlight some of the facts related to free WordPress Slider Plugins are:

  • WordPress Slider Plugins that are offered for free does not work properly as compared to the Premium Sliders.
  • Free Plugins are not well tested and there are no updates that are offered for them.
  • The code for such free plugins are not well executed and that might be very buggy.
  • There will be many free WordPress Plugins that might offer you with the same features with no uniqueness.

It is not right to say that all the Free WordPress Plugins will have all the features same as compared to the Premium Plugins. But there are still a few free WordPress Plugins that will not only guarantee you with the features that are same with the Premium Sliders but also with time to time updates.  One of such WordPress Plugin is the Smooth Slider.

If you don’t believe us that we are the best Free WordPress Slider Plugin then see our Downloads figure that will make you believe us!!!
Smooth Slider Stats

Free WordPress Plugin that has crossed 5,00,000 Downloads:

Smooth Slider is the WordPress Plugin that has crossed 5,00,000 downloads in a very short span of time. The figures for download itself shows the fact that people has trusted this plugin and the count is still increasing. Smooth Slider is the responsive WordPress Slider for Featured Content, Videos and Media images.

Great Features offered by Smooth Slider:

  • Able to create multiple sliders and able to add them for posts or pages using ID
  • Easy to implement it on the front end due to Short codes and Widgets
  • CSS can be easily customize
  • Responsive design that works well with all the devices
  • Search Engine Optimized Slideshow
  • One can have full control for the looks through the Settings Panel
  • Easy to Import and Export the settings
  • Creating Custom Sliders very easily
  • One can choose the design from Multiple designs that are available
  • Able to create multiple image size slider
  • Different transition effects that are available
  • Very easy to implement it though one does not have any technical knowledge

and the list goes on…

Smooth Slider is one of the WordPress Slider Plugin that is offering you the same features as that of the Premium Slider Plugin. There are many Sliders that will offer you with all the features that are as listed above but that will be a Premium Slider. To get a slider that will change the look of your website and that is offered for free is really great news for the startups and for the ones that are hesitant to invest much. The team also provides 24/7  support to the users and there is a update from the team very frequently which is commendable.