One of the best place to share your photos and get the exposure for the same is 500px. It is a community that will contain the great work of different photographers. People would like to add the 500px updates or content to their site and this is easily possible to integrate 500px  with WordPress with all the sliders of SliderVilla.
500px Logo

It will allow you to fetch images and respective content of the image into slider. For this you will have to create Consumer key on 500 px.

Steps to generate Consumer key for 500 px:

Step 1] Login to the application section of the 500px account by visiting the link

Step 2] One can create an application from Register your application option that is present towards the right.


Step 3] Fill in all the details regarding the application such as application name, description, URL etc. which is user defined.

Step 4] Ones the app is created then it will get listed under applications and all the details such as Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Application URL. etc will get listed.

Simple steps to create 500px Image Slider for WordPress:

NOTE: This will be in reference to the Featured Slider, steps are same for other sliders in SliderVilla

Step 5] Download the zip file for the Featured Slider and add it to the plugin folders.

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Featured Slider >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated you will find the Featured Slider option in the admin panel and also the related settings can be done from here.

Step 6] Now go to:

Admin Panel >> Featured Slider >> Global Settings >> API Keys >> 500PX Consumer Key (Enter the Consumer key that you have got during the creation of app from Step 4)

Step 7] Go to:

Admin Panel >> Featured Slider >> Create New >> Social Network Section >> 500px Slider 


After the 500px Slider is selected fill in the details for it



One can select the type of slider that one wants from the drop down (Popular, Highest Rated, Upcoming etc.)

Step 8] Select the skin and the layout for the slider. An Easy Builder will get appeared for it and one can change all the settings related to the particular slider.

Following these simple steps one is able to integrate 500px easily with their website. This can be easily achieved from all the sliders of the SliderVilla.