Are you looking for a full-screen image or video slider to grab visitors attention? Then you must try Cosmo Slider for WordPress. We are grateful to introduce the new version of Cosmo Slider v3.1. An amazing slider which will give your site a more dynamic feel and make your contents awesome.

Cosmo Slider Full Screen Mode

New Features in Cosmo Slider WordPress Plugin

Cosmo Slider 3.1 comes with new exciting features. Lets talk about those features first,

Full-screen mode: This will fill your screen with slider. You can set your slider to full screen . There is an option for full screen in setting panel this will allow you to enable full screen mode. Full-screen slider represents your site, attractively. Whether you are visiting the site on a laptop, Smartphone or desktop, the slider will always remain in full screen in the area above fold.

Slide expiry date: You can  decide up to which date your slide should display in slider. You can set an expiry date for each slide. This is very useful feature for those who wanted to show slides for some period. After the expiry date that slide will not be visible in slider. Perfect feature to highlight time-bound posts, banners or events.

Display slider on pages: If you wanted to set a different slider for particular page then you can set it. This feature will make it easy to change sliders according to your pages. You just have to enable this option from Edit post panel.  You can embed different sliders on different pages without touching the shortcodes or template tag.

Cosmo Slider looks amazing on Smartphones and tablets. It makes better to browsing your site on a smartphone by providing an elegant feel and will adjust to the width of a smartphone.

Touch Enabled swipe gestures: You can change slides just by touching the screen. You don’t have to navigate the slides using navigation buttons only.

Option to Show/Hide: If you don’t want to see the slider on mobile devices, then you can set this option as well. The option will not just hide the slider but will optimize the page to even skip the slider PHP code altogether.

Bug Fixes in Cosmo Slider v3.1

Apart from the new features, we have also issued some fixes in Cosmo Slider v3.1.

Recurring Events: In previous version of Cosmo Slider we noticed recurring events are occurring repeatedly now we have fixed with it. You can see recurring events will be displayed only once in slider.

Publish date of slide: This can be a new option we have added. In Cosmo Slider 3.1 you can see publish date of each slide. This is useful for administration purpose.

Font size on a smartphone:  This will adjust font size on mobile devices.

We hope you will enjoy new Cosmo Slider v3.1 with this new features and create your site more eye-catching. Let us know your thoughts about the update and features. If you want any specific feature in this design, kindly put the request via comment form below.

Free Update for Existing Users

If you have already purchased Cosmo Slider and using it on your WordPress installation, you can update to v3.1 for free. Like other SliderVilla sliders, Cosmo also comes with lifetime free updates. If you have populated the license key field on settings page, you can use auto-update option of WordPress to update the plugin to its latest version. In case of any issue, feel free to contact our support team.