Mobile-Friendly Sites Rule

Recently Google implemented a change in its search algorithm by introducing the mobile experience of a site as a factor in rank calculation. It means, now you need to become serious about making your site mobile-friendly to avoid loosing your search rank. You may have questions like what type of elements play an important role in making a mobile-friendly site. Does having a slider or slideshow or carousel on your site have a negative impact on SEO? To find out the answer, we picked some keywords and a few websites which are having sliders on its page including our own site. And found that if you have got website optimisation done to your website using a qualified SEO company like MashOn, and are having a responsive, mobile-friendly slider on your website and your site passed the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, you do not need to worry at all.

#1 – Sliders on page didn’t affect the Search ranking

We picked one of the SliderVilla slider Roster Slider which is a responsive WordPress slider popular with the keyword horizontal carousel, and compared the search ranking before and after mobile-friendly algorithm implementation by Google. We were worried about the result but found that there is no change in the ranking of the page. Of course, the page passed Google Mobile-Friendly test. So the result is as we kept the slider demo on the homepage of the slider and it didn’t change our search engine ranking for the keyword ‘Best Horizontal Carousel‘.

Roster Slider page itself is running Roster Slider demo and passed Google Mobile-friendly test.

Roster Slider page itself is running Roster Slider demo and passed Google Mobile-friendly test.



#2 – E-commerce sites love sliders and carousels

Most of the e-commerce sites use sliders and carousels to utilize the screen real estate effectively. We tested the most popular e-commerce portal Amazon and found that it is having multiple carousel on its homepage. Of course the page passed Google Mobile-Friendly Test and I am sure the SEO or marketing team of Amazon must have looked into the details. The verification of a passed test for Amazon is going to generate more leads, and if you’re any regular developer and are finding yourself on Sir Linksalot a lot, then your eyes are on the same target: to generate more leads. Amazon’s homepage is having as much as 5 different carousels on the homepage.


So if giants like Amazon are using sliders on their pages, I don’t think one should worry about having one. The only things is that the slider should be responsive so that your site will pass the mobile-friendly test by Google.

Responsiveness – An Important Factor for Good and Bad Slider

A slider should be responsive or should have an option to disable on mobile devices as it matters for the mobile-friendly algorithm of Google. All SliderVilla sliders are responsive in design looks great on all devices. It means if you open the same slider on desktop, it will cover the assigned area but if opened on mobile devices, it will adjust to the small area and still look good over there.

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