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Introducing Export and Import slider settings - SliderVilla
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Multiple Settings‘ feature is available in all SliderVilla slider plugins to create new settings set and have multiple sliders with different parameters. Using this feature, one can have so many sliders on one site with different settings and customizations. It is a general practice that first we install and use the plugin on test site and then move the plugin to live site and copy the customizations from test site to live site. To make life easier, we have introduced Export and Import settings set of SliderVilla plugins. It allows you to export the customized settings from one site to other with single click. First export the settings and download the exported file and then import that file on other site where slider plugin is active. Once imported, the new setting value will be populated with the new values from imported file.

Here is the step by step process to execute the export and import settings in SliderVilla slider plugins.

Export Setting

1. Open the settings page of the slider plugin. In this example, I am performing the export and import on Pinwheel Slider WordPress plugin.

2. Select the setting set that you want to export. For example, I want to export the Setting Set 3, I opened the Settings Set 3 page.

3. Click on the ‘Export’ button available on top-right side of the settings page. Download the .csv file and save it on your local computer.


Import Setting

If you want to copy the setting set to a new domain, the Pinwheel Slider plugin should be installed and active over there.

4. Go to the settings page of the Pinwheel Slider WordPress plugin. Choose whether you want to import the new settings in an existing settings set Or in a new set. In case of new set, you need to create a new setting set on the setting page. Now open the new settings set page.

5. Click on the ‘Import’ button available on the top-right side of the settings page Or scroll-down the page to bottom.


6. Upload the .csv file that you saved earlier in step 3. Click on ‘Import’ button available over there.

Once the import is completed, you will see new values in the settings set fields. Now you can embed the slider using that setting set (read more about using the settings set parameter in the shortcode).

Currently we have introduced the export and import settings feature in Pinwheel v1.2.1 and Flashcard Slider v1.2 WordPress plugin. Gradually, we will add this feature in other sliders as well. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to our newsletter.