We introduced import flashcards feature in the Flashcard Slider v1.2. Now one can import hundreds of flashcards at once using this import feature. Here is the step by step process to import flashcard CSV (comma separated values) to create a slider of hundreds of Flashcards in no time.

1. Create a category for ‘Flashcard Custom Post type’. If Flashcard Slider plug-in is activated, you will see a new menu as ‘Flashcards’ (as a custom post type). Click on the ‘Flashcard Categories’ sub-menu to see all categories. Now add information for the new category and save the changes.

Flashcard Categories

2. Go to the ‘Flashcard Slider’ menu on dashboard and there you will find ‘Import’ sub-menu just below the settings sub-menu. Click on the ‘Import’ link,

Flashcard Import

3. The ‘Import Flashcards’ window will open. Upload the CSV (Comma Separated values) file of flashcards using the upload button. And also select the category from the drop-down to attach to all the flashcards. Click on ‘Import’ button to import the CSV file successfully.

Format – The .csv file should have a format as one question,answer per line with question and answer as comma separated. Example

Flashcards Import Window

4. Once the upload is complete, you can embed the slider with all Flashcards by adding the below shortcode inside the page or post content Or use the template tag to embed the slider anywhere on your site. You can copy the category slug from the ‘Flashcard Categories’ page (in step 1).

[flashcardcategory catg_slug='vocab']

Template Tag

<?php if ( function_exists( 'get_flashcard_slider_category' ) ) { get_flashcard_slider_category('vocab'); } ?>

5. To change the number of Flashcards visible in the Flashcard Slider, go to the Flashcard Slider settings page ==> Basic Settings tab ==> Basic Settings section ==> Change the value in ‘Number of Flashcards in the Flashcard Slider’. Sva the changes. You can create new settings and apply that setting in the shortcode using set=’settings ID’.

Additional tip – Once imported, the first part in the CSV will appear as the title as well as the front content of the Flashcard. If you don’t want the title to appear on Flashcard (because of the duplicate content on front side), you can disable the Flashcard Title from settings page. Go to the Flashcard Slider settings page ==> Flashcard Settings tab ==> Flashcard Title section ==> Select ‘No’ for the field “Show Flashcard Title’ and save the changes.