Thumbel Slider WordPress plugin has got a major upgrade as Thumbel 1.1 with new features like Touchscreen support, responsive design, Lightbox effect, video embed capability inside the slider, upgrade notification and and few performance improvements as well as fixes. Find the details about each features as below,

  • Responsive Design – We are pretty much aware that this is the time of multiple devices with different screen sizes and that’s why we have included a setting option for Thumbel slider to make the slider responsive in just a single click. If you site’s theme template is a responsive template, once you will install Thumbel on that and enable the Responsive Design option from slider’s settings panel, you will see Thumbel in a responsive way on different devices. It will automatically re-size according to the device’s screen resolution and width. Here are few screenshots of Thumbel on Twenty-Eleven theme (which is a responsive WP theme),
  • Touchscreen Support – On Smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iPad or Android, now you can just use your fingers to slide the slider. You don’t need to hit the navigation button to slide the slider. To slide the slider using fingers, just hold the slide and slide it to the left or right.
  • Video Embed – Apart from the images, you can now insert videos inside the Thumbel Slider. To insert a video, you just need to add a custom field named “thumbel_media” with the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Lightbox Effect – In Thumbel 1.1, we have added an option to add Lightbox effect on slider images and videos.
  • Upgrade Notification – You don’t need to wait for the upgrade email to know if we have released an upgrade for the slider plugin. Now onward, you will receive upgrade notification on your WordPress plugin dashboard.
  • Add-ons support – We have introduced add-ons on SliderVilla to add extra features to the slider plugins. Thumbel 1.1 supports the released add-ons. You can add Thumbel slider of custom Taxonomy, Tags and image gallery to a post or page anywhere on your WordPress site.

We have worked on the performance improvements to reduce the load time of the Thumbel slider. Check on “Enable FOUC” to load the slider much faster. Also introduced a contant named “SLIDERVILLA_DISABLE_ADMIN_COOKIES” to disable the cookie on admin panel. To know more about the fixes covered in Thumbel 1.1 release, read the changelog.