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Introducing Add-ons - Slide taxonomy, post attachments and other data types in SliderVilla Sliders
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SliderVilla slider plugins are feature rich and capable of showing WordPress posts, pages, media gallery images and videos inside the slider. But as WordPress provides custom taxonomy and post types inside the platform for different purposes, we are introducing Add-ons for SliderVilla plugins to have slider of those data types.

Say you want to have a slider of a particular WordPress Tag or a custom taxonomy, you just need to activate Taxonomy add-on which will allow to paste the related shortcode. Add-ons are like an extension for SliderVilla sliders which add value to the slider plugin itself. For example, you want to have a Pointelle slider with posts under a specific WordPress tag, say “Technology”, you just download the Taxonomy add-on and activate that. Now you need to paste the shortcode or template tag mentioned on the “Add-on Usages section” to get “Technology” tag specific posts inside Pointelle Slider.

Note – You need to have Pointelle as well as Taxonomy Add-on activated on your site to have this feature.

Similarly, we have also released another add-on named Post Attachments which enables you to have a slider of image gallery to a post or page (i.e. WordPress Image Gallery of a post) inside a blog post, page or homepage or anywhere on your WordPress site.

Why Add-ons?

You must be thinking that why do we need to install a separate plugin to get this feature and why not it comes with the slider plugin itself, right? Our slider plugins are easy to install and run and doesn’t involve much coding experience to add a slider on any theme template. They are having features to include posts, pages, images and videos etc. which are commonly used in WordPress. They are also capable to show category taxonomy inside the slider without any add-on. But if will keep adding other data fetching capability inside the slider itself, it will increase the plugin size as well as will make the slider installation a bit confusing for normal users. That’s why we came up with add-ons which allow to add extra features in all slider plugins as per requirement.

Check the list of compatible SliderVilla sliders on add-ons page before purchasing the same. Add-ons work only with compatible SliderVilla Slider Plugins. We will release upgrades for all SliderVilla plugins in next few days to make them compatible with our add-ons. Kindly let us know your feedback/inputs or add-on idea to make SliderVilla the perfect place for WordPress Sliders.