SliderVilla Tutorial for Thesis Framework

SliderVilla WordPress slider plugins are fully capable of running on different theme frameworks including Thesis Theme by DIYthemes. Whether you purchase Pointelle, Roster, Listic, Indexo or any other plugins from SliderVilla, you can embed the slider on Thesis in no time.

Thesis is a widely used theme framework because of the SEO benefits and hooks availability and that’s why we thought to share a dedicated tutorial to setup SliderVilla plugins on this theme. Here is the tutorial to let you install SliderVilla plugins on Thesis theme framework. What makes Thesis theme different from normal WordPress themes is the availability of multiple hooks which enable you to run custom code on different places inside the theme template to get full control with minimum coding required.

SliderVilla plugins are having three options to embed the sliders; Template Tag, Shortcode and Widget. You can use either of three ways to get the slider on your theme after activating the plugin. Here is how you get the slider on Thesis by these three ways on Thesis Theme.

Template Tag (PHP Code)

Thesis Theme is having a custom_functions.php file where you can put whatever functions that you want to run on specific hooks. You can edit this file from “Custom File Editor” option menu available under Thesis Menu on Dashboard. You just need to write a functions to execute the slider template tag and then ADD that function on required hook to run the PHP code on that location.

For example, if I want to install Pointelle Slider WordPress slider just after the site logo (above the post title and content), I would write the below mentioned code inside the custom_functions.php editor.

function thesis_get_pointelle_slider() {
if ( function_exists( 'get_pointelle_slider' ) ) {
  get_pointelle_slider(); }
add_action('thesis_hook_after_header', 'thesis_get_pointelle_slider');

You can provide any name to the function. In above example, I named the function as “thesis_get_pointelle_slider”, you can give any other name as well. But the important point is that you will have to call the same function name in add_action line.

Inside the function, I have just written a simple template tag of Pointelle Slider. You can read more about the different template tags for SliderVilla plugins on their help guide document.

Using OpenHook Manager

OpenHook Customizations Manager is a free WordPress plugin which enables you to run PHP code or any other code at specified hook in Thesis Theme without much effort. You don’t need to edit the custom_functions.php file again and again to run required functions. Here is the step to add and run SliderVilla plugin template tag at specific location inside the Thesis Theme using OpenHook plugin.

  • Install and Activate OpenHook Customizations Manager free WordPress plugin
  • Enable Thesis Hook from General Settings option on plugin page (i.e. Activate Action Groups)
  • Select the Thesis hook “thesis_hook_after_header” from dropdown
  • For Roster Slider, paste the Roster Slider template tag inside the box
<?php if ( function_exists( 'get_roster_slider' ) ) {
  get_roster_slider(); } ?>
  • Check “Process PHP on this hook? (Your code must be wrapped in <?php ?> tags)” option and Save Changes


We have provided shortcode for each plugin on SliderVilla to let you install or run SliderVilla sliders inside a post or page. The procedure is similar for any theme framework as you just need to paste the defined shortcode inside the post or page edit window at specified location and save that page or post.

Using OpenHook Manager

In Thesis Framework, you can actually get shortcode running the complete piece of code at any place by using OpenHook Customizations Manager WordPress plugin. This plugin is having an option to let you run shortcode at any hook in Thesis Theme. If you want to have Roster Slider just below the site logo and header area and you don’t want to write the template tag, follow the below steps.

  • Install and Activate OpenHook Customizations Manager free WordPress plugin (No need to install and activate again, if activated already)
  • Enable Thesis Hook from General Settings option on plugin page (i.e. Activate Action Groups)
  • Select the Thesis hook “thesis_hook_after_header” from dropdown
  • Paste the Roster Slider shortcode i.e.

    inside the box

  • Check “Process shortcodes on this hook” option and Save Changes
Done. You will see the Roster Slider running just after the header area of your Thesis Theme.


Adding widget in Thesis Theme is similar to the other theme framework. You need to go to,

WordPress Dashboard ==>Appearance ==> Widgets 

and then drag and drop the available widgets to widget area. Thesis is a widget ready theme framework with multiple widget areas. You just need to drag and drop the SliderVilla plugin widget to required area and then customize the options in the placed widget. For example, Pointelle Slider is having three widgets as follows,

  • Pointelle Slider Simple
  • Pointelle Slider Recent Posts
  • Pointelle Slider Category

You can drag and drop any of three widget in widget area and can see a Pointelle Slider running in that widget area on your theme template.

I am sure, now you will be able to run SliderVilla plugins on Thesis Theme or child themes of Thesis Framework. If you find this tutorial helpful, please share this on your social network. Let us know in case you need tutorial for specific theme framework.