Many SliderVilla users do have a question that how the formatting of the text in the post content (i.e. paragraphs, line breaks, anchor elements/links or div elements) can be retained in the SliderVilla sliders or can the video embedded in the post be displayed in the Slider.

The answer is ‘Yes’, you can definitely specify which all tags you would like to retain in your slider. By default, all the HTML tags in the Slider content are removed and the slider content is a plain text. But you can specify the required tags to be retained as follows:-

On the Slider settings => Basic Settings Tab => Miscellaneous => Retain these HTML tags => Enter the html tags that you have to retain as follows:


Note that you do not have to specify the closing tag.

Also, note that the HTML tags can be retained in the content area (Slider Content) and not for the Post/Page title or the Images extracted.

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