Roster Slider can be used to display the WP E-commerce plugin products as Roster Slider (as well as the other SliderVilla plugins) support Custom Post Types. WP E-commerce products are now (from version 3.8+) saved as Custom Post Types and you can see the ‘Products’  manage menu on the left side just after the ‘Comments’ menu. You can ‘Add New’ Product or ‘Edit’ the existing (previously created) product using this menu.

WP E-commerce Products as Custom Post Types

When the Roster Slider is activated, you would get a metabox at the bottom of the ‘Products’ edit panel. If you are unable to see the below metabox, go to Screen Options settings on the extreme right hand top corner of your WordPress admin panel => Put a tick in the ‘Roster Slider’ checkbox. You will start seeing the below metabox on the edit Product panel.

Roster Slider Metabox - to add the Product to the Slider

So now you can easily add the Product created to the Slider.

1) The Post Title will be the Product Title

2) You can specify short description for the product as well which will appear in the slide. Use the custom field slider_content to add the custom description. Also, on Roster Slider Settings, choose to pick the content from this custom field.

3) Roster can pick the image from the Product Thumbnail or slider_thumbnail custom field (or you can specify the custom field name on Roster Settings panel=> Thumbnail Settings). It can also pull the product image attached to the Product or scan the image from the Product description.

Refer Roster Slider usage guide and plugin feature and demo page for more details.

How to add Product Price to the Roster Slide

Roster Slider supports Custom Fields. Read the below FAQ for more details:

How to specify custom fields for Roster Slider Posts.

Below are the custom fields for Prices used in WP E-commerce plugin (do not manually create these custom fields as they are getting values from the ‘Price Control’ metabox on the right side -center on the Edit Product panel).

Product Price: _wpsc_price

Sales Price: _wpsc_special_price

So you can enter these custom fields (as well as others) on the Roster Settings panel.

Say if you choose to display _wpsc_price :

When the price will be displayed on the Slider for a particular product, the price field will be enclosed in a DIV element with class equal to name of the custom field preceded by roster_ i.e. roster__wpsc_price in this case. You can style this DIV using CSS (i.e. you can assign background image of Shopping Cart or color to this Price and so on).

Thank you Teresa for helping us out adding this feature to Roster. Read the Forum Topic created by Teresa below:-

Using the Roster Slider with WP e-Commerce

You can add your inputs or how you have implemented custom fields in Roster thru the comments form below.