Discount Coupons

You can save a few dollars on purchase from SliderVilla by using the “Discount Coupons” at the time of checkout. Read the conditions (like minimum order amount) provided with with the Coupon code before using them.

Get 10% OFF

If your total cart amount reached $60 then you can use the coupon code SVPROMO10 on Cart page to get 10% OFF. For example, if your total cart amount is $65, then you can use the discount code on Cart page and get 10% discount. Which means you will have to pay only $58.5 i.e. saving of $6.50.

Get 20% OFF

To continue with the “Buy More Pay Less” motto, we are providing another discount coupon. If you total cart amount reached $100 then you can get 20% discount by using the coupon code SVPROMO20. Example, Say your cart total reached $105 then you can use this coupon code on Cart page and save $21.00 on purchase. That means you will get sliders worth $105 for just $84.00 only.

Important Note:

1. To use the discount coupons, your cart total should reach the minimum order amount set for the coupon code.

2. Even if your total cart amount reached more than $100 and still you are using 10% discount coupon code, you will only get 10% discount. As for the orders worth more than $50, we are giving 20% discount coupon but you will have to use that coupon rather than 10% OFF coupon on Cart page to get 20% OFF.

3. You can use only one discount coupon per cart i.e. you can’t combine multiple coupons.

Not applicable to Packages

Above Discount coupons are not applicable to packages – Single Site Pack, Multi Site Pack and Unlimited Pack. These packages are already priced at discounted price. Packages counts in reaching the minimum limit for discount but the coupon will apply on only the products eligible for discount.

How to use Coupon Code?

When you decide to purchase a slider from SliderVilla, you go to the slider page and click on “Add to Cart” button. That will take you to the cart page where you can see the total cart amount and a “Promotional Code” box. You can continue with the shopping using “Continue Shopping” button. You can add another slider to your cart and so on. When you are done with adding the sliders that you want and if the total amount on cart page is crossing the minimum set amount to get discount, then paste the Coupon Code listed above in the “Do you have a coupon?” box on cart page. Click on “Apply Coupon” to see the discounted and final total amount. Proceed with the checkout and complete the payment. You will get the discount details in your receipt as well.

Feel free to contact us in case of any issue or concern.

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If you are looking for a solution that lets you create custom sliders for your WordPress-powered website, look no further than Pointelle Slider.
Jean Galea
WP Mayor
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In this video, Steve Ford (owner of talks about the product, support and services provided by SliderVilla Team (Internet Techies is handled by the same people who are behind SliderVilla). P.S. SliderVilla is founded by Tejaswini and Sanjeev, the same people about whom Steve is talking in this video. Steve is a proud customer of SliderVilla and Internet Techies services since more than 2 years.
Steve Ford
Just wanted to say how happy I am with the WordPress plugin sliders I have purchased from SliderVilla. Not only do they look great, but when I had some issues at my end in configuring them, the support you gave was prompt and comprehensive. Thanks heaps
Roster slider was a god-sent when I was looking to integrate a robust, flexible slider into for featuring user-generated content (in our case, about what brings joy to people). Thank you!
Marc Fest
Best WordPress slider plugin . Thanks to Tejaswini for her precious support ( and pointelle slider )
Claudio Spada, CEO
I would like to thank Slidervilla team and especially to Ms. Tejaswini for her great support on fixing my WP theme's compatibility issues. Creating a great slider is one thing but providing an excellent after-sale support is completely another thing, so thanks again for doing both.
I just wanted to say I purchased the (10) pack license of Listic Slider and I love it! Wonderful work, certainly WELL worth the $25!!! Thank you so much for such a great tool. I have used it on and
Doug Foster
The plugin and support has been top notch- any request I have had for customization has been handled by Tejaswini. Thanks for a great plugin and I'll be looking more WordPress plugin from you in the future.
Crawford Vining
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