SliderVilla WordPress Sliders are PHP 7 Compatible

SliderVilla WordPress Sliders are PHP 7 Compatible

PHP version 7 has been released and is available on many hosting providers to upgrade as well. The last stable version of PHP was 5.6 and after that, PHP 7 came (Yes, there is no PHP 6). Developers of PHP worked really hard to make PHP 7 better in many ways and the most important improvement is Speed. PHP 7 is twice as fast as PHP 5.6 and is able to handle double or even more requests per second. CMS platform like WordPress will run 2X faster on PHP 7 as compared to PHP 5.6. Here is the benchmark showing number of quests per second for WordPress CMS running on PHP 7 and 5.6 servers.

PHP 7 is 2X Faster than PHP 5.6


Image Source –

As you can see, server with PHP 7 is handling more than 2 times requests per second as compared to 5.6. And also note that WordPress community is utilizing the PHP 7 new extensions and code in a better way for even better performance. WordPress runs more than 27% of web so PHP 7 is going to impact a very large number of sites along with other PHP based websites. Apart from speed improvement, PHP 7 also removed many deprecated functionalities. Such functionalities were marked as deprecated in PHP 5.6 which means if the developer is using those in a program, it will keep working but is not recommended. But with removal of those functionalities in PHP 7, the program will stop working if those deprecated functions are used somewhere.

The latest version of WordPress is PHP 7 compatible and they are following the good practice to make this smooth. But the problem lies with Plugins and Themes. What if a plugin that you are using is using the old deprecated functions. In that case, your site will break if you upgrade to PHP 7. Well, now it’s time for WordPress plugin and theme developers to make sure that their code is PHP 7 compatible.

WordPress Sliders compatible with PHP 7

SliderVilla has made all 19+ WordPress sliders compatible with this new stable version of PHP. We have made all our carousels (premium as well as free ones) compatible and well tested on PHP 7. So if you are planning to upgrade the PHP version on your server to PHP 7 for better performance, go ahead without worrying about our slider’s compatibility.

10 Reasons Why the Slider on WordPress Site is Not Working

10 Reasons Why the Slider on WordPress Site is Not Working

Sliders are awesome because of the design elements and utilization of webpage real estate. Sometime it happens that you install a WordPress Slider plugin by following all mentioned steps but still the slider doesn’t work. It frustrates as a user because of the expectation to embed the slider in no time (as mentioned by the developer) and then facing troubles. Here are few common scenarios which you face while having a bad day with installed slider plugin.

  • Pasted the shortcode or template tag, but slider not appearing at all
  • Slides not sliding but appearing below one another
  • White Screen of Death. Page showing blank screen
  • Text of different slides overlapping
  • Google Fonts not loading for the sliders
  • and the issues continue…

Well, finally in one sentence, the slider is not working as per the demo shown by its developer.


You may contact the developer to get a fix for the slider but it may take some time for the developer to revert back. Here are few reasons or solutions to fix the issue by yourself.

#1 JavaScript Files Missing – Most of the Slider plugins load their own JS files and any of those dependent JS files are not loading, the slider will not work. You can check the error on browser’s console (open console in Chrome by pressing F12 key). If the JS file is not loading or giving 404 error, check the folder and see if the folder of JS file is having file status as 755.

#2 Duplicate jQuery Files – WordPress loads jQuery file from wp-includes folder. In few cases specially with premium themes, the theme also loads another jQuery file. One can check that in the HTML source of the page (see HTML page source by pressing CTRL + U in Chrome browser). If there are multiple jQuery files loading on the page, the slider may not work. In certain cases the minimal version of jQuery loading from Google API server, in those cases also the slider may not work. One can check themes’ functions.php file and see if there is an option to de-register the jQuery loading from theme. One can also check the header.php file of theme as in some cases, you may find hard coded jQuery inclusion in HEAD area.

#3 Other JS Conflict – On average 10 – 15 plugins remain active on a WordPress site. Sometimes you may see JS conflict because of a particular plugin or even the theme. Best way to find out the conflict is to check the browser console (by pressing F12). If you find any console error, try to deactivate he plugin which is causing issue. If not able to find the specific plugin to deactivate, try deactivating one at a time and see if it helps.

#4 Embed Code (Shortcode, Template Tag, widget) Not Placed – Creating a slider in admin area is only half job done. If you have not placed the slider’s embed code which may be shortcode, template tag or widget (as per your requirement), the slider will not appear. Check if you have placed the slider’s embed code exactly at the place where you are checking and expecting to appear.

#5 JS Disabled on Browser – Check your browser’s setting panel and see if JS is disabled on the same. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE are having a feture to disable JS which means the JavaScript will not run on the browser. In that case, slider will not run on your computer’s browser. This is a local problem as the slider will keep working on your site’s visitor’s browsers. To check  if JS is enabled on your browser, open this page.

#6 Access Issues – Certain sliders generate a cropped image and save that in a folder. If the plugin is not having access to create such folder, sliders or specially the images will not appear. Check if the plugin’s folder is having file status 755. Also check the sub-folder’s file status.

#7 CSS Conflict with Theme or Plugin – Like JS conflicts, sometimes you may find CSS conflict with other installed plugins or theme. Use the inspect element feature or Google Chrome or Firebug too of Firefox to see the CSS of the slider and try to find if any conflict with a particular element.

#8 PHP Errors – White screen of death appears because of the PHP error on the page. To check the error, enable WP_DEBUG via wp-config.php file. Read more about enabling WP_DEBUG here. In most of the cases, the PHP error occurs because of the extra spacing at the start of the PHP code. Certain servers throw ‘Header already sent’ error in that case. Remove those extra spaces and upload the file again.

#9 Allowed Memory Exhausted – Creating s slideshow with lot many slides is a memory consuming task. If your WordPress installation is running out of memory to execute the task, you many see this error “Allowed Memory xxxxxxxx Exhausted”. You need to increase memory size. Read this article to know more about it.

#10 Multisite/Network Issue – If you are running WordPress Multisite (Network sites) and used Network Activate option to activate the slider plugin, the slider may not work. Some WordPress sliders are deigned in such a way that you need to activate the slider plugin individually on each site’s dashboard rather than network activate. So on each site’s dashboard, you can create different sliders and embed inside that site only.

Apart from these, if you have faced similar issue and found other fix, please share that by commenting on this article. Share the article with your followers to make them aware about these 10 possible fixes for a non working slider or carousel or slideshow on WordPress powered site.

10 Places to Embed Carousels on WordPress Site for Better CTR

10 Places to Embed Carousels on WordPress Site for Better CTR

CTR (Click-through rate) plays a very important role for the marketers who uses article marketing for their product or services. Click-through rate is the percent of ad views that results in click. One of the way to get people clicking through is from the article to your website. But sometimes due to some issues one is a not able to write as much articles as required. So the best way to improve the performance of the articles is by improving the click-through rate of the articles. CTR for the article depends upon the number of readers clicking on the resource box after your article.
Slider CTR WordPress

Embed Carousels for the Website:

As discussed in the previous article we have highlighted about Carousels that are still very relevant for the Website. The main purpose behind building a good website is to attract more visitors and showcasing all the features that is offered by you. This can be easily achieved by using Carousels for your website. It would be indeed great if these carousels are embedded on the WordPress website in order to get a better CTR.

Places where these Carousels to be embedded for Better CTR:

In order to increase the the CTR for the website, the places where these Carousels is to placed is to be decided. The Carousels are to be placed in such a way that will help for a better CTR. The places where these Carousels are to be embedded are as stated below:

  • 1) Front Page:

The best place to embed Carousels for the website is on the Front Page. It is the initial or the index page of the website. One will always prefer a full Screen or wide slider with an image or video background for the Front Page. This can be easily achieved from the Cosmo Slider. One can also opt for the WordPress Plugins that add beautiful featured images and content jquery slideshow for your website. The WordPress Plugin that will have this feature is the Pointelle Slider.

  • 2) Logo:

It is also possible to place the carousels besides the Logo of the website. At such time you require horizontal carousel WordPress Plugin to your WordPress site’s front page. The WordPress Plugin with this feature is the Roster Slider.

  • 3) Sidebar:

Sidebar typically appear as a column which appears on the left or right side of the window. It will require a WordPress Plugin that will help you adding a horizontal / vertical carousel to the WordPress Site. WordPress Plugin that offers you with this feature is Listic Slider as well as the Roster Slider.

  • 4) Footer:

Footer of the website requires a WordPress Plugin with attractive featured content and image Carousel where the number of slides can be added easily with horizontal Sliding. In order to make your website more attractive there can be large slide in the centre and small thumbnails in both the sides. The WordPress Plugin that will offer you with this feature is the Pinwheel Slider and the Roster Slider.

  • 5) Archive:

Archive of the website is used for the proper presentation of all the categories. It requires a WordPress Plugin that will help to represent featured images and content jquery slideshow to your website. All the Sliders of SliderVilla supports this feature.

  • 6) Contact Page:

Contact Page of the website points out the contact details for the website. It will go well with the WordPress Plugin that shows all the images and content jquery slideshow to the website. All the Sliders of SliderVilla will support with this feature.

  • 7) About:

About will consists of different achievements, awards  and also consists of different testimonials received from customers. The WordPress Plugin that helps you adding sliders of different testimonials received from customers, readers and users. So the WordPress Plugin that will go well with this and supports all the above features is the Rich Testimonial Slider.

  • 8) Ecommerce:

If there is any of the Ecommerce Plugin that is activated that will display the related information of the particular products. It requires a WordPress Plugin that will showcase all the products along with the information of the particular product.

  • 9) Career:

Career Page of the website points out the latest openings for the company. WordPress Plugin that shows all the images and content jquery slideshow to the website will be best suited for this. All the Sliders of SliderVilla will support with this feature.

  • 10) Front Page for Footer: 

The Footer of the Front page consists of the logos or brand images sliders mostly found on the footer area of the WordPress website. WordPress Plugin that consists of continuous scrolling action and responsive design is best recommended. Placid Slider will support all these features.

If the above mentioned Carousels are embedded to the places mentioned for the Website then it will definitely increase the CTR for the website. And surely it will attract more visitors to your website!


Why Carousels are Still Relevant and Not That Bad

Why Carousels are Still Relevant and Not That Bad


In order to reach new customers there is a need to make the business online. According to the website survey conducted by Netcraft last year they discovered that there are about 1 billion+ active websites. So there should be a way to stand apart from the competitors. To have a professional and good online presence requires efforts and innovative mind. So there is a need to have a website to seek the attention of the targeted customers.

The best way to represent a website in a better way to attract more visitors and to get more information on prominent pages is by using Carousels. We have mentioned all the features that are offered by them in the Carousels section.

Keys to unlock the mystery to build a good website:

  • Simple and clear message:

In order to have a good website it is very necessary that the message of the site is clear and simple so that the visitors can understand it easily. The customers should understand the main purpose of the site.

  • Appearance:

A website will always reflect your company also the products and services that are offered. So it is very necessary to have a site that is very appealing and will attract more customers.

  • Good Navigation:

While building a website one should always aim that the customers gets everything quickly and easily. The customers should get what they require in few clicks because there are chances for them to leave if they do not get the desired information based on their requirements.

  • Content and Design:

The content of the website should be good and fresh that will probably build the interest of the customers. They should understand the problems that your product/ services will solve. The design of the website should be beautiful to attract more customers. One should always opt for the theme that will go well with the product.

  • Responsive:

One should be able to access the website from anywhere with different devices. The site should be mobile friendly that will help to drive more traffic to your website.

Carousels : The best way you can present your website

Despite of all the keys to build a good website are mentioned above, one of the major key for it is Carousels.We come across various websites which consists of some sort of rotating banner at the top of the home page with different variations, these are nothing but Carousels. Some of the features of Carousels are:

  • Seeking attention of the visitors:

Carousels also known as rotating banners offers are the best way to grab the attention of the visitors. They are eye catching that will attract more visitors to your site.

  • Representing large information:

One can represent large amount of information such as images and text using carousels. Thus it will allow the customers to access this large information very easily.

  • Space utilization:

One is able to add more content such as images and text in one space. The material moves within the footprint of the moving area thus helps for the proper utilization of the space.

  • Simple and Easy for Visitors:

Visitors gets a chance to access a large amount of information through Carousels. They can have a quick look at the products through this and makes it simpler for them to understand. If you are using WordPress CMS, there are lot many responsive WordPress Slider plugins available to change the look of the website in no time.

Myths about Carousels:

Fast due to which the information is ignored by users:

  • Many people believe that the rotation while using a carousel is very fast due to which the client cannot completely read the information.

Solution: There are settings related to it where one can set the duration and speed for the banners. One such slider that allow us to set the duration is the Pointelle Slider. If there is a large amount of information that is displayed then one can set the time accordingly. This will help the users to go through the information easily without ignoring any information.

  • There is a believe that Carousel will hide the important content of the website, so it is skipped or missed by the visitors.

Solution: This is not the issue with the Carousel, if the content and the images are created in a systematic manner, keeping the important things in a proper font then the users will not skip any of the content.

  • There are many who believe that Carousel will confuse the visitors.

Solution: Instead of opting for many sliders it is always good to have less and simple sliders that will explain the product in a better way. Rather it helps the visitors to have a quick glance at all the features offered instead of scrolling through the entire page to read the content.

  • There are many who are of the view point that Carousels are not responsive.

Solution: There are many sliders that are available in the market that assures about their Responsiveness. One will be able to access the information no matter where you are located and what device you are using. They are supported by PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

There is a saying by Joseph Campbell, “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” You cannot judge a thing by considering the opinion of others. Unless you use it and know about the features offered you cannot come to an conclusion. Overcoming with all the myths of the carousels will help you out to build a better website for the visitors.

SliderVilla offering a helping hand to the NGOs and Educational Institutions

SliderVilla offering a helping hand to the NGOs and Educational Institutions

SliderVilla Offers Premium WordPress Sliders for Free
It gives immense happiness to the team of SliderVilla that we will be providing free sliders to Non Profit Organizations including Educational institutions. We know the challenges that such organizations and educational institutions have to face in bringing up their dream project. We will be glad if we can contribute something from our side for bringing up such projects. We are offering all our 19+ premium sliders for free to such institutes. It includes one of the best logo slider, accordion slider, full width slider, featured content slider etc. Please visit our List of WordPress Sliders page to have a better understanding about the Packages that are offered by us.

Who can apply for this License?

  • Non profit organization / Registered Charity
  • Educational Institutions (Non Profit)
  • Working on a project for the well being of the Society with no source of Income

Terms and Conditions:

  • For Non profit organization you should be liable to United States non-profit laws.
  • Educational Institutions (Non Profit) should provide with all the necessary proofs about their institutions or organizations.
  • We hold the right to terminate the license if any of the information enclosed by you is false.

How to get the free License?

You can email with all the details as mentioned above to sales[at]

Our sales team will go through all the documents that are submitted and revert back to you on this.

Sliders, Carousels and Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Sliders, Carousels and Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Sites Rule

Recently Google implemented a change in its search algorithm by introducing the mobile experience of a site as a factor in rank calculation. It means, now you need to become serious about making your site mobile-friendly to avoid loosing your search rank. You may have questions like what type of elements play an important role in making a mobile-friendly site. Does having a slider or slideshow or carousel on your site have a negative impact on SEO? To find out the answer, we picked some keywords and a few websites which are having sliders on its page including our own site. And found that if you are having a responsive, mobile-friendly slider on your website and your site passed the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, you do not need to worry at all.

#1 – Sliders on page didn’t affect the Search ranking

We picked one of the SliderVilla slider Roster Slider which is a responsive WordPress slider popular with the keyword horizontal carousel, and compared the search ranking before and after mobile-friendly algorithm implementation by Google. We were worried about the result but found that there is no change in the ranking of the page. Of course, the page passed Google Mobile-Friendly test. So the result is as we kept the slider demo on the homepage of the slider and it didn’t change our search engine ranking for the keyword ‘Best Horizontal Carousel‘.

Roster Slider page itself is running Roster Slider demo and passed Google Mobile-friendly test.

Roster Slider page itself is running Roster Slider demo and passed Google Mobile-friendly test.



#2 – E-commerce sites love sliders and carousels

Most of the e-commerce sites use sliders and carousels to utilize the screen real estate effectively. We tested the most popular e-commerce portal Amazon and found that it is having multiple carousel on its homepage. Of course the page passed Google Mobile-Friendly Test and I am sure the SEO or marketing team of Amazon must have looked into the details. Amazon’s homepage is having as much as 5 different carousels on the homepage.


So if giants like Amazon are using sliders on their pages, I don’t think one should worry about having one. The only things is that the slider should be responsive so that your site will pass the mobile-friendly test by Google.

Responsiveness – An Important Factor for Good and Bad Slider

A slider should be responsive or should have an option to disable on mobile devices as it matters for the mobile-friendly algorithm of Google. All SliderVilla sliders are responsive in design looks great on all devices. It means if you open the same slider on desktop, it will cover the assigned area but if opened on mobile devices, it will adjust to the small area and still look good over there.

Browse SliderVilla sliders to have responsive and mobile-friendly sliders on your WordPress sites.