It has been a busy month for us at SliderVilla as you can see we have updated almost all of our slider plugins. Today, we have released version 1.4 of Verticalis Slider with lot many new features and fixes. The latest version of Verticalis comes with features like responsive design, option to create multiple settings (a very popular feature of SliderVilla sliders), SliderVilla Add-ons compatible etc. Here is the list of new features which comes with Verticalis 1.4.

Responsive Design – Now Verticalis Slider adjusts to the screen size of different devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets etc. The responsive design was the most asked feature in Verticalis and we have implemented the same in this new version. You can checkout the demo of the responsive design on this page.

Multiple Settings – You can create multiple settings on the Verticalis Slider settings page to have different settings for different Verticalis Sliders. It also allows to have multiple Verticalis Slider on single page each with different or same settings.

SliderVilla Add-ons compatible – We have add-ons like ‘Taxonomy Add-on’ and ‘Post Attachments Add-on’ to enhance the fetching capability of the slider. Now with version 1.4, Verticalis Slider is also compatible with these add-ons and one can use them with the slider.

Recent Posts Slider – Now one can embed the recent posts Verticalis Slider by using the template tag, shortcode and widget for the same. It will automatically fetch the number of recent posts set on the settings page and show inside the slider.

Better Slider Preview – On Verticalis Slider settings page, now you can have preview of ‘recent posts slider’, category slider, custom slider etc.

Rename/Copy/Delete Settings – You can create multiple settings in this new version and can also rename the settings to any convenient name. The plugin also allows you to copy one settings value to another and delete any settings (if required).

Add target=”_blank” – There is an option on the settings page as well as inside the Verticalis Slider meta box, to add target=”_blank” on slide link so that the links will open in new window.

Custom Post Type “SliderVilla Slides” – Apart from the regular posts/pages and media images, now you can enable a custom post type “SliderVilla Slides” and add individual slides from there. In case you just want a post for slider and that should not be visible as the regular post on the front page on index, this SliderVilla Slides post type will be helpful for that purpose.

Apart from the above features, there are few fixes in this update as well. You can read more about the features and fixes in version 1.4 on this changelog.

How to update to Verticalis Slider 1.4

New customers will automatically get the latest version after successful purchase, but if you have already purchased Verticalis Slider from SliderVilla, here is the procedure to update to the version 1.2.All updates are free to download for existing customers. All you have to do is go to the “My Downloads” page and download the Verticalis Slider (zip file) from there. You can also download the latest version from the receipt that you had received after the purchase.  Upload and overwrite the unzipped folder in ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder on your server and re-activate the plugin.

Please let us know your feedback about this update and also feel free to post your queries (if any) on the support forum.