Pinwheel Slider v1.2 has been released with so many new features and few fixes. Most important features of this update are as below,

1. Multiple Pinwheel on Single Page – Like other SliderVilla plugins, now one can have multiple Pinwheel Sliders on single post or page. Similar to this demo of Roster and Placid, you can embed more than one Pinwheel on one page. For example, you can now have one Pinwheel Slider in the sidebar and another inside a post or page content. You can also have one beside the logo or in footer area. That means, you can have as many Pinwheel Slider as you want on single page. Yes, you can say unlimited instances of Pinwheel appearing on one page.

2. Responsive design – Pinwheel 1.2 comes with responsive design option. You can enable the same on settings page and the slider will adjust to the screen sizes. If you are using a responsive theme, this option will let your visitors see the adjusted slider according to their device size.

3. Supports SliderVilla Add-ons – To add extra features in the slider, we release add-ons on SliderVilla. For example, to have a slider of all the images attached a particular post or page, you can use Post Attachments Add-on with the slider plugin. Now you can create a slider automatically with the images from attachments of a post using the same add-on with Pinwheel Slider as well. Currently we are having two add-ons – Taxonomy Add-on and Post Attachments Add-on.

4. Lightbox Effect – How about having a lightbox effect to allow visitors to see large image or full size video whenever they click n the Pinwheel Slider slides. We have providing in-built Lightbox Effect in Pinwheel 1.2. You can enable the same on settings page.

5. Copy/Reset/Delete Settings set – As you can create multiple settings in Pinwheel, with Pinwheel v1.2 you can copy the settings of one set to another. Also can reset to default values and change the name of the settings set as per your convenience.

Apart from these features, there are few more. You can read the changelog of Pinwheel Slider to know about the v1.2 changes.

How to update to Pinwheel 1.2

New customers will automatically get the latest version after successful purchase, but if you have already purchased Pinwheel Slider from SliderVilla, here is the procedure to update to the version 1.2.All updates are free to download for existing customers. All you have to do is go to the “My Downloads” page and download the Pinwheel Slider (zip file) from there. You can also download the latest version from the receipt that you had received after the purchase.  Upload and overwrite the unzipped folder in ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder on your server and re-activate the plugin.

Please let us know your feedback about this update and also feel free to post your queries (if any) on the support forum.