Add-ons for SliderVilla Slider Plugins

SliderVilla slider plugins are capable of fetching data types like posts, pages, images etc. But WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) does provide more options and data types to its users and that’s what made WordPress the leading CMS platform. Now slider plugins can be made moreĀ featureĀ rich using SliderVilla add-ons. These add-ons are separate plugins which will integrate with compatible SliderVilla plugin and add value to that.

Once you download and activate the add-ons, you can use the their feature inside the compatible slider plugin. To know more about each add-on, click on the individual links in the compatibility and price table attached below.

Add-on NameCompatibilityBuy Now
Post AttachmentsAll SliderVilla Slider Plugins*
[ Price: $4.00 ]
RSS Feed Add-onAll SliderVilla Slider Plugins*
[ Price: $5.00 ]
TaxonomyAll SliderVilla Slider Plugins*
[ Price: $5.00 ]

*except Flashcard Slider which is specially designed for flashcards